Monday, April 27, 2020

I have been asked to make a blog about how COVID has impacted my industry. I have been in Broadcast & Entertainment (B&E) for 50 years. The ONLY other event vaguely reminiscent of this horror was the “triple witching” event of 1988. It shut our industry down and forced me to shutter a project into which I had sunk a bundle. The WGA dragged on for nearly 6 months. It was devastating.

The difference now is “streaming,” the internet and COVID. Back then, the internet was in its infancy
and “mobile streaming” was ‘non-existent.’ I had been pushing for the development of ‘interactive
multimedia,’ as new technologies were beckoning a new dawn to suit the “Next” and All future
generations. It was a turbulent era that has yet to resolve some very large issues, but at least we had
the, “THEATER!”

Where this series of events greatly differs is the fact that this one is literally a, “life or death” game
changer. It has thrown the breaks on All production of every kind. Will it “end?” YES! Will our $2.7
TRILLION a year recover? One wants to believe that will happen, but only time will give us that answer.

The” good news” is that we are learning to play “differently” for now. Soon, we will see who are those who used this time to discover and explore, “The NEXT NORMAL.” (As if, there was EVER A “NORMAL”to start with. Peace. 🙏

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