Thursday, January 14, 2021

Hard to believe

 It is hard to believe that we are where we are today. Our Capitol is under siege by our own, 'soon-to-be'  former president, his minions gathering to further threaten our Republic, which they assaulted only last week. The attempted 'coup' vanquished by American democratic loyalists, the Fascist wannabe has retreated to the hinterland to assemble his hoard for the coming conflagration. Horrific as it may be, it pales in comparison with the potential threat of actions for this weekend's MLK Day celebration and the impending Inauguration.

The truly dismaying prospect of an armed insurrection in our Nation's seat of power is the possibility of losing our democracy to an army of infidels whose sole aim seems to be putting a narcissistic autocrat on a newly fashioned throne for life. Beyond that is the realization that this is a concerted effort to overthrow our entire society and all that we have worked at for nearly three centuries, now. There is little doubt in my mind that we are being exposed to the consequences of some of our leaders being compromised by foreign powers, who have gotten their hooks into our highest ranking officials. 

We will prevail and eliminate the threat FOR NOW. But, we can NEVER ALLOW another self-aggrandizing charlatan to 'con' our electorate into giving them  the keys to our coffers and greater treasures without the proper vetting and complete disclosure.  NO  TAXES, NO TICKET! NO TRANSPARENCY, NO EMPOWERMENT! NO OPENNESS, NO OVAL OFFICE! We must make 'Honesty,' NOT ONLY "the best policy," it MUST be made, 'THE ONLY POLICY!' It should be just that simple. 'Nuff said! 😎

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