Tuesday, November 16, 2021

"Adele! What the H€££!"

 It's been less than a week since the release of Adele's latest smash hit album, "Adele 30" and I'm still not sure what to think. It's been 2 days since one of the most pricey and over produced, over promoted  launches ever from Viacom/CBS. The album has some fine, slick production, but it just sounds so 'Adele' it left me asking, 'Where's the growth?' You would think after all the soul vomit that she dumped in Oprah's abundant lap, she would want to thank God (or, at least someone else) for helping pull her through it all. Instead, it was a typical Hollywood 'One Note Symphony' here. (You know, "Me! Me! Me! Me!") Regurge and purge, those Tinseltown' staples were rolled out in full regalia.  Her incredible pipes not withstanding, she sounds much like every other pop artist out there. I can barely tell the difference between her spiel and those of Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber. (Look out, Billie. They're coming to replace your 'Eilish' with 'eyelashes!'). I'm personally interested more in her guts, not her girth or how it was packed into that gown. What about using your influence in a two hour, globally broadcast program to affect some real issues on the planet, besides your dress size. How about some of those things with which that young beautiful boy will no doubt have to negotiate, like global warming, pandemics, world hunger, small stuff, ya' know. Hey girl! How about growing your Consciousness, while shrinking your outfits. You seem to me to have lost some of that 'soul' that made you great. I trust that God is watching and HE will grab her before she falls into the 'Helltown abyss,' at which she is now obviously teetering. What do you guys think? ðŸ’–🙏😎

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