Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Its liable to give you gas!

 About this flap over 'Inflation' and 'gas prices:' What a crock of REPUBLIKKKON BS! Your 'corporate overlords' pulled the same shizzle on Jimmy Carter back in '77, when he tried to wean our sorry butts off of foreign oil, get us into wind and solar ( NO Friggin' FRACKING) and then sabotaged his attempt of a rescue in the "Iran Hostage Affair." ('Shrub #1' was CIA chief!) All to get that phoney wind bag full of Hollywood manure (Ronny Reagan) installed, so the 'fat cats' could run their 'dinosaur deals,' push coal and pull another banking scam, all while QUADRUPLING (4X) the National Debt to $3.2 TRILLION! (It was $800 billion when Jimmy stepped down.) That put us in a 'debt spiral' that has left us here. Ah! 'Repulselikkkon revisionism!' (January 6, 2020 never happened, right? YEAH! FAR RIGHT!) Not to mention, "Iran Contra" and the "Star Wars Initiative," you can stick those cuties where the sun don't shine! Oh! I almost forgot, Repubs don't read, they run lip and rip-offs! Look it up! ESAD. 

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