Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Everything is everything, or... it is nothing at all!

 Being a ‘modern artist’ of Any kind, in this day and age, is the greatest opportunity on Earth. It also presents some incredibly complex challenges. Having faced, survived and thrived through almost all of these challenges that have arisen in my life and career over the past half-century, suffered the slings and arrows of family, friends, colleagues and many who have fancied themselves my ‘competitors,’ you may find that this blog might have considerable gravity. I assurer you, your journey will not be mine, but you will, more than likely, face at least some of them.

For you, who think that you will somehow be spared Any challenges in the course of the pursuit of your ‘art,’ you are either a supreme egoist, a misguided naïve or totally delusional. The cultural landscape is littered with the likes of you poor souls.

There is no armor that you can don that will protect you from jealousy, vanity, ignorance and stupidity, both others’ and your own. These horrors pervade the world of art and the World at large. We (artists) do not do well when having to operate behind these obstacles, never mind when struggling to pay rent, eat and transport ourselves from place to place.

IN the next several weeks, I will be exploring some of these ‘challenges’ and how they may be effectively addressed. Mind you, I would never deign to pontificate here. There are few who have made as many ‘faux pas’ than I have. I view it as a minor (or maybe ‘Major’) miracle that am I not only still productive, but even alive. Believe me, it could easily and probably should have been otherwise.

Regardless, my first suggestion is that you may want to adopt a philosophy that embraces the idea that, ‘I don’t know what I can’t do.’ With that instilled in your psyche, you are just liable to try and even do Anything that is your ‘Heart’s desire.’ 😎

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