Friday, December 31, 2021

Happy New Year!

 To Everyone,

This has been by far, one of the most bizarre periods of my life. Beginning Three (3) years ago on this date, after finishing the rough draft of my play “Supper with Ja,” and launching the project, the World has been turned upside down and back, shaken hard by COVID-19, George Floyd’s murder, the January 6th Insurrection, Murder in the streets, Fires, Floods, Drought, Famine and more war. Yet, there we were! We made it through another tumultuous year. 

After being nearly obliterated by COVID in 2019, having seen this country ravaged by virus and viral social media insanity, I thought that 2020 would be the year that, as the number itself seemed to indicate, that everything would come clearly into focus. In some strange and inexplicable way, it was exactly what transpired. Pandemic panic, unpreparedness for medical crises, political upheaval and the subversive uprising  by “White Nationalists” against our Democracy, prompted and promoted by a ‘Pumpkin with legs,’ made our insufficiencies and prejudices plainly emerge before our astonished eyes. The good news there is, we were mature enough as a society to absorb the blows and move on. 

That led us to this past year, which started with violent, armed insurrection intent on overthrowing our duly elected government, but under new management, gradually began to ‘right’ our listing ‘ship of state’ and begin to show us a path to victory over Disease, Fear and Ignorance. We were remembering how to win back what had been being nefariously usurped from us, our Hope, our Dignity and Humanity, our Spirit. We are emerging into a new era. It’s as if the past 3 years have been the ‘set-up’ for this coming year.

Welcome to 2022: The year of the ‘Big Pay-off!”

Although the last two weeks have been somewhat of a nightmare and at the same time a dream come true. God bless you One and All. Thank GOD and you for the INCREDIBLE WORK that is being done all across this great land! As I am inching closer to a MAJOR breakthrough, largely the result of the guidance of the amazing team at Modern-musicians (Thank you, Michael Walker.) Moreover, we All seem to be climbing out of the ooze and the ‘blues.’ We must not let this persistent pandemic and the specter of more looming disaster rob us of our rewards. PEOPLE! GET YOUR VACCINES!1

I for one, fully “vaxxed,” am eternally grateful for my incredible well-being. 

In fact, I have never been more prolific, focused and empowered than I am right now, turning out an incredible volume of ‘intellectual property,’ daily. So much so, that when my beautiful wife Nan asked what I wanted for Christmas and I said, “another corporation,” she gave me one! It was formed to accommodate my voluminous output. What is even better is that ‘John Q. Public’ is actually beginning to respond. (Even though I have been 'cooling my heals' in Fb jail the past 2 weeks, almost 400,000 people have viewed my first video of my ballad, "Too Old To Be Too Good" since November.) 

Truth be told, our parent company, Willy-Gilly Productions, Inc. has three (3) plays, four (4) films, two (2) albums and three (3) books ALL in various stages of funding and production as I write this. Investors take note! 

There are many more from whence that cometh! I am ready and poised to start turning some major sales as a result. It's just a matter of time and a little more money. I will finish my 1st album next month and will be mounting several more music videos in the coming weeks. I share the work and MMs fabulous system with every musician (big and small) within my voice’s reach. It's just too good to hog. Moreover, I love the Spirit of this tribe of fellow actors, writers, filmmakers, artists and musicians! It smacks of a God that I know, the One who made us All. It's his victory... and YOURS! 

Join us to finish His work and, “Recreate the World through the Arts and Entertainment, so that this planet Survives, Thrives and Works better for Everyone... NOBODY LEFT OUT! 

Once again, GOD BLESS YOU ALL! Stay safe and Be well! We've got a job to finish... TOGETHER! 


WE'LL SEE YOU IN '22! I promise you, you WILL see us! 


David Patrick Wilson & Nan Gill-Wilson

And everyone involved with:

Willy-Gilly Productions, Inc. 

Gill Escrow & Settlement Corporation

HV Trinity, Inc.

My Star, LLC

Do Drop Ink, LLC

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