Thursday, August 4, 2022

10 Years After wasn't just a band!

  Although I loved Alvin Lee, God rest his soul, it's also the time span since we premiered our first feature film, "Collar." Intended to awaken  awareness of the not-so-long dormant monster we know as 'Racism' like almost all socially conscious and controversial "entertainment," the commercial powers in Hollywood stuffed our product, hailed by one of their own as an "epic masterpiece," it will now re-emerge to show what might have been. 

Not long before Trayvon Martin, longer before Eric Garner, and years before George Floyd, our film revealed an awful truth about the woeful lack of respect displayed in the decades since by innumerable police organizations towards communities of color. We truly believe had the gatekeepers on the "Left Coast" been more conscientious and committed to the truths expressed in "Collar,", some of the above mentioned horrors endured by all of our communities would have been seriously altered, if not avoided altogether. 

We are re-releasing this film, not as a condemnation of those modern American nightmares but as a reminder of what we lose when we pay no heed to history's lessons and the underlying truths that propels them to the forefront. Unfortunately, "Collar" is not the first cautionary tale to be largely ignored by the powers that be, we can only hope and pray that in the future, voices such as ours on topics such as these will be heeded or at least noted.

You can go to our website to find out more of how you can own or rent a 10th Anniversary Director's Cut Edition copy of the film, half of all the proceeds of which will be committed to our 501c3 foundation, at Part of our greater commitment to "Recreating, the World through Entertainment, so that it works better for Everyone," is to provide opportunities for individuals, young and old, with the desire to pursue a career in the 'greatest, most powerful industry on the planet' and the tools with which to craft extra-ordinary content into works of art bound for the commercial marketplace.

God Bless you all and keep you well in these strange times. See you in the movies. Peace & Love, DPW

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