Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Last chance for the big dance...?

It may not be your last chance to order your VIP package for the "Collar" World Premiere this coming Saturday, August 4th...but it's getting pretty close! With only a limited number available, you do NOT want to miss this opportunity to walk the red carpet, talk to the press, and mingle with the stars! Packages start at just $25 (ticket, signed poster or T-shirt) all the way up to a cool grand to ride the limo with the stars, walk the red carpet and be interviewed by the press! Don't miss out...enjoy this Hollywood on the Hudson event to the fullest! For more information on these opportunities and sponsorships for your business, please contact us ASAP at 845-294-7500 or visit us at collarthemovie.com! Remember...the world will be watching!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Yesterday morning's press conference at the Paramount Theatre in Middletown was a roaring success! Among the attendees were mayor Joe DeStefano; Orange County Chamber President John D'Ambrosio and Press Secretary Ellen Daley; Chris White of Congressman Maurice Hinchey's office; Susan Hawvermale from the Orange County Board of Tourism; Dawn Ansbro from the Arts Council; Dwain Harris of Big Mountain Entertainment; Ryan Gregg from the American Cancer Fund and Town of Wallkill Councilman Antonio Rotundo! They were all there with Nan Gill-Wilson and David Patrick Wilson to formerly announce the impending World Premiere of "Collar" on Saturday, August 4 at 6:30 pm!

The excitement ran high as these local dignitaries met with the press from such outlets as the Times Herald-Record, Fox 96.7, YNN News, WTBQ Radio and Mid-Hudson News.com. All present recognized the enormous opportunity that film and TV production in Orange County represents: potentially thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in new revenue for the inhabitants of the county.

It was also announced that there would be a major music event the night before: Rockin' the Paramount, set for Friday, August 3. Six Stories Told, AmarA, and The Dedication will storm the stage and fill the night with music, starting at 8pm! There will also be music at the Premiere itself, provided by Love Assassin and the Knox Sisters. Both nights promise to be evenings to remember...don't miss them! Just five dollars for the music on Friday and ten dollars for the movie on Saturday (VIP packages also available)!

See you at the Paramount!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

The blitz is on!

There will be a press conference next Monday, July 23rd, in the lobby of the Paramount Theatre in Middletown, New York, at 11 a.m., part of a major media blitz accompanying the World Premeire of "Collar"! Attending the press conference will be local dignitaries and media personalities, including Middletown mayor Joe DeStefano. Keep listening to your local radio and cable TV outlets for more information about this gala opening event, now just two weeks away!

Also, on Monday, July 30th, David Patrick Wilson and Nan Gill-Wilson will be co-hosting WTBQ radio's Frank Fornario Show at 9 a.m. (listen in the Hudson Valley and northern New Jersey on AM 1110 and 93.5 FM, as well as WTBQ.com). Thanks to Councilman Antonio Rotundo, "Collar" will have a booth at the Orange County Fair on its final day, next Saturday, July 28, courtesy of Mike Gurda, director of the fair. These are people who definitely understand the enormous impact that film and TV production can have on the economy of Orange County!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Get your tickets now!

Hurry, hurry, hurry! Step right up! Go to http://www.collarthemovie.com to get your tickets for the event of a lifetime: the World Premiere of the movie "Collar" at the Paramount Theatre in Middletown NY on Saturday, August 4th! Join us Friday night as well, for "Rockin' the Paramount", featuring Six Stories Told, Asmar A and the Dedication! It will be a weekend to remember forever...so don't forget! Five dollars for the music, ten dollars for the premiere!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th...a lucky day!

Mike Decker picked up a couple of "Collar" T-shirts and two tickets to the World Premiere, just 22 days away and counting! We're also just three weeks away from "Rocking the Paramount", where thanks to Dwain Harris of Big Mountain Entertainment, Six Stories Told and the Dedication will be joined by a third band as we tear up the night before the premiere. There will be a very special surprise to those who roll out a sawbuck (that's five dollars) to see these great bands play! We will have an announcement about a charity with which we are working as part of the 2 Big Fish Annual Gala event on Monday, July 16th. We want to thank WTBQ (AM 1110 and 93.5 FM) and Rob McLean for hosting us on the radio this morning, helping to get the word out. We had a great time with their guests from the Greenwood Lake Merchants Guild and look forward to frequenting the Inn at the Lake, Three Corners Cafe, and other great businesses, such as Windemere Insurance and Lake Home and Kitchen Design. Great people, great companies...buy local! We are looking forward to our press conference at the Orange County Chamber of Commerce on July 23rd, where all of the details for this event will be brought into fine focus. And don't forget the Orange County Fair which opens tonight in Middletown. You can count on seeing us there in the coming weeks! That's it for now...if you want more info on tickets to the World Premiere, contact us at info@willygilly.com or call the office at (845) 294-7500.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sweet Chamber music!

This morning's Orange County Chamber of Commerce breakfast yielded big benefits for Willy Gilly Productions! John D'Ambrosio, chamber president, committed his organization's considerable weight and skills to the effort to bring jobs to the county. They will be getting out the word to all of the more than 1,700 businesses about the "Collar" premiere. Willy Gilly is currently looking for sponsors and advertisers in the playbill for this World Premiere event. Additionally, Hank Gross of Mid-Hudson News, who covered today's meeting, held at Stewart Airport's Homewood Suites in New Windsor, requested footage of the film for their agency. Everybody is getting on board to spread the word that entertainment is the way to go for developing a local economy. Join us for the fun on August 4th at the Paramount Theatre in Middletown, to see what opportunity awaits you! Ticket packages start at ten dollars. Even better, also join us the night before, for "Rocking the Paramount", where five dollars will get you a night of prizes and surprises as local bands (TBA) fill the stage with some of the best rock 'n roll ever! For more information, and to order tickets, contact info@willygilly.com!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Talk among yourselves!

While you're out there kvetching and kvelling, stick this in your pipe and smoke it! Willy Gilly Productions is putting together a very special night before our World Premiere! A summer music showcase featuring the hottest local talent in the coolest venue around: the Paramount Theatre in Middletown! Stay tuned to this spot for more information on the August 3rd event (Friday night) in the days ahead on exactly who will be playing and how you can be a part of the weekend's festivities. There will be prizes and giveaways galore! They say it can't be done (whoever THEY are), but WE ARE GOING TO DO IT! ROCK RULES! For ticket information, contact us at (845) 294-7500; for "Collar" Premeire VIP packages, you can also call us at that number or by E-Mailing us at info@willygilly.com. Tickets for both events can also be purchased at the door; prices start at ten dollars.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Willy Gilly rides again!

With four weeks left, it's time to mount up for the final assault! We are taking Orange County by storm, with tens of thousands of jobs at stake! The "Collar" opening is more than a world premeire...it is a seminal event designed to open the Hudson Valley for major growth and conscientious industrial development! Developing the film and TV industry here is the fastest way to produce the most jobs in the shortest time. The technologies are clean and almost all independent filmmakers that we know have a real commitment to the economy and the environment. "Collar" was made right here in Orange and Sullivan Counties, but it will be seen by the multitudes throughout the world! We are the little company with the funny name, playing in a great big game to win opportunity and profitability for any and all who will join us! Look for our website at www.willygilly.com, or call us at (845) 294-7500, and join us on August 4th for an incredible celebration of great things to come!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bad news...and good news!

The road is never smooth...the bumps are always there. While we failed in our effort to complete our funding on Kickstarter, we are undaunted and are moving forward as planned. WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE! To all those who participated with a pledge on Kickstarter, we assure you that your request will be granted. Willy Gilly will be in contact with everyone; we request that you immediately contact us, if possible. Your pledges will be returned, and you will not be charged. Now, the good news: our process has opened up new avenues for funding, not just out distribution, but our upcoming productions. We are alive and well! In addition, new Acting Anyone classes are forming: Level 1 will begin Monday, July 16. Our Masters class will remain on Wednesdays, and anyone interested in Level 2, those classes will begin on Thursday nights; exact start date TBA. All are invited and welcome. Onward and upwards ro bigger and better things! For more information, contact us at info@willygilly.com or call (845) 294-7500.

Monday, July 2, 2012

What a weekend!

What a great weekend for Willy-Gilly...a Great American Weekend, that is! On Saturday and Sunday, thousands of people, in near-100 degree heat, converged on the village of Goshen, New York to have fun, and Willy Gilly was there, sponsoring the music! Among the bands there was Broke, Busted and Disgusted, a bluegrass folk-rock outfit we all enjoyed.

Thanks to our team on Saturday, who helped us get the word out on our World Premiere, set for August 4th. A special thanks to Lynn Cione, of the Goshen Chamber of Commerce, who was gracious enough to include us in last-minute preparations. Even with the extreme heat, everybody seemed to be in good spirits! 

Tune in WTBQ (1110 AM, 93.5 FM, WTBQ.com) tomorrow morning at 7am, and hear more of what's in store for Willy-Gilly and the "Collar" crew!