Thursday, March 19, 2015


“YUKON” A HIT… AND A MISS!!! All of the reviews are in! EVERYONE AGREES! If you weren’t at C.J. Hooker M.S. this past weekend to catch the HIT show, “Yukon Saturday Night,” you really MISSED something (although we’re not quite sure what). Last Saturday night, the Goshen Rotary made history by, not only turning back he clock 100 years (and maybe American culture with it), but by transporting the local audience to the wilds of the Canadian Northwest for only the second time in the past half century.
If you were in the house, you know that of which I am speaking! There were gaffs by the bushel and laughs by the truck load! A good time was had by ALL! It may be another 30 years before Dudley, Nell, Lily, Banker Bart, Doc and the gang return, but we’ll have fond memories of that wild night at the Moose Jaw Saloon.  If you were there, please, let us know what you think. If you missed it, better luck next time! Happy St. Patty’s Day!

Monday, March 2, 2015



Experience “Broadway on the Hudson” and support the work of Shades Repertory Theater in Haverstraw. Enjoy a repertoire of great works performed by a troupe of sensational local Hudson Valley actors that include, BD Anthony, Sean O’Brien. Stef Teran, Nann Gill and David Patrick Wilson.
Witness their craft at Shades 64 New Main Street in Haverstraw. Previews will include scenes from, “Death of a Salesman”,  “Requiem for a Heavyweight”, “Lovers and other Strangers”, “Status Quo Vadis” and more.
These previews are to ready the actors for their performance in Manhattan before talent and casting agents and to benefit Shades Repertory Theater. The theater boasts a beautiful 85-seat theater auditorium and catering facility capable of providing full food service. Shades trains young aspiring actors and has held events such as Haverstraw's own version of "American Idol".
Donations to the theater will be accepted at the door. Suggested donation $10.

Join us on March 7th at 7pm for an evening of captivating theater, fun for all and all for fun!Top of Form

Bottom of Form
Top of Form
Sponsored by The Academy of Film, Television, Stage and Performing Arts
For more information on upcoming classes and projects, please contact them directly at (845)-294-8444 or