Friday, November 30, 2012

Business news!

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At a Rotary luncheon yesterday, James O'Donnell, Deputy Executive for Orange County and head of the Economic Development Agency, was very optimistic about what's happening to business here in the county! O'Donnell had no answers when asked about how to continue enticing business into a county with such a heavy tax burden from the state (and pressure from many local governments). He did acknowledge that film and TV production, and the education required to support new manufacturing technology (recorded entertainment is considered a "manufactured item" in New York), has great potential and remains high on the list of industry sectors to pursue for development.

On "Chasing G", initial feedback from potential outlets (cable and broadcast networks) has been extremely positive! We expect to have news about where you can see the show in very short order! In the meantime, go to, where new content will be forthcoming from episodes recently shot on location. And don't forget...tune in TODAY at noon for "Chasing G LIVE" on WTBQ (AM 1110, 93.5 FM, It's the hottest show on radio!

Meanwhile, we continue to move forward with plans to have another benefit showing of "Collar"; we are working on negotiating a deal with Middletown Cinemas to host the showing to benefit first responders and their family from the recent devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy.

Stay tuned...there's more to come!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ready when you are, WG!

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After getting the green light from executive producer Gary Corts, Willy Gilly is currently working on a budget for the next six episodes of "Chasing G"! Meanwhile, we met yesterday with Steve and Victoria Toth of Dropline Designs, web developers located in Chester, NY. They are the webmasters at and, as well as Orange County BMW. We will be working with them to develop a full network of sites to maximize the more than one million hits that have been generated by alone! Dropline will also be working to develop new online resourcing for financing and distribution for Willy Gilly Productions. They anticipate doubling the traffic to these sites over the next twelve months. We are excited about what they bring and about what we can develop together!

First responders: keep your eyes open for the next two weeks for a special offer from "Collar" the movie...only available to first responders and their families, and only available online through and our related sites! It will include some very special items in appreciation of their efforts during Hurricane Sandy...and every day!

Moving forward with "Collar", there is renewed interest from a number of distribution companies, which has been languishing due to pre-election apprehensions. The paralysis that seems to have gripped the industry over the past month or so has been lifted by last week's outstanding box office numbers, which has sent many distributors scrambling to grab as much unseen products as they can get their hands on to capitalize on the renewed fervor of theater audiences! We are still seeking partners that can put us in a limited release throughout the US by the end of the year. Ready when you are, C.B.!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Things are hopping!

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Things were hopping at Hudson Valley Pawnbrokers over the weekend, as Willy Gilly shot dozens of hours of footage for "Chasing G"! We have interest from a number of networks, but we have not received any answers yet; in the meantime, we continue to move ahead on the TV show...and don't forget "Chasing G LIVE", every Friday at noon on WTBQ (AM 1110, 93.5 FM,!

In film, it was a historic weekend for the cinema, as domestic theatrical topped $290 million for the first time in history...and we haven't even hit the holiday blockbusts yet! Anyone who says that film attendance is slipping, needs to check their numbers again! We are headed for another year of double digit growth in 2013, with global box office expected to approach thirty billion dollars! Tis the season!

Meanwhile, "Collar" is in the final stages of its re-edit, and Netflix is interested! Also, we are still looking for a theatre in which to hold our benefit showing for families of first responders to Hurricane Sandy. Among the venues being considered are Middletown Cinemas and the Chester Elite 6.

Stay tuned...there's more to come!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

From Goshen to Bombay!

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On "36 Hours", a new producer has joined the team at Raj Productions: Nikitha Narayan, who will be working with Indian financiers interested in coming on board to fund the feature! A former runner-up to Miss South India, Nikitha has just returned to the States after opening her latest picture in Dubai; she leaves for India December 15 to meet with the executive producers, close financing and begin casting the foreign principals. This marks her first time working on a US-Indian co-production; the film is expected to gear up after the first of the year! On the US casting, we have yet to set the American leads; we are looking for assistance through some notable casting directors (TBA).

Last night, Paraclete Arts Center's Board of Directors (including Nan Wilson) met with Kevin D. White, Executive Director of Boys and Girls Club of Newburgh and the Newburgh Performing Arts Academy. Paraclete is a not-for-profit organization that provides lessons in the arts to underserved children as well as children of means, located in the Interactive Museum, 23 Center Street, Middletown, New York. Mr. White addressed the board regarding different methods he employed in starting the NPAA. His insights and suggestions were invaluable, and we truly thank him for his willingness to assist in our efforts in Middletown! Willy Gilly is looking forward to the possibility of working more closely with Mr. White and his organizations that serve the Orange County community.

Just a reminder: "Chasing G LIVE" will be back on the air Friday at noon, exclusively on WTBQ, 1110 AM and FM 93.5. (and worldwide on!)

And by the way: the search is on for a theatre to house Willy Gilly's benefit for families of first responders devastated by Hurricane Sandy. If you in the Hudson Valley and have any ideas where we can exhibit, let us know at (845) 294-7500!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Calling "Chasing G"

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Looks like "Chasing G" may be easier for a few days, as Gary's having knee surgery tomorrow. We wish him all the best and our prayers go with him! We know he'll be back on his feet, moving faster than ever, in no time!

The hunt continues for a casting director to secure major talent on "36 Hours". The film, still budgeted at ten million dollars, is looking for several key roles while we await an answer on the lead character. In the meantime, we have opened conversations with other major funding sources to cover the cost of production. We are relying on the talent package to bring us a bona fide distributor.

A script has gone out to Penn Badgley (Gossip Girls, Margin Call) for the role of 'Mick' in "A Hustler's Life". We are in communication with persons close to Richard Gere concerning the character of 'Clyde,' a card-playing con man who is Mick's father.

Meanwhile, Willy Gilly is gearing up to do a benefit for victims of Hurricane Sandy. More than a thousand families of first responders, including police, fire and EMTs, have been severely impacted by the storm. We need these people on our front lines, and they need us now! We will be showing the film "Collar" (and probably the pilot of "Chasing G") to open the benefit, which will be held in Middletown, New York (time and venue TBA).

And now for the holidays! Why not give a gift that keeps on giving? Acting Anyone Academy is offering gift certificates for actor's training and voice! For details, contact us at! Or, call now (845) 294-7500 and get a 10% holiday discount! (Other discounts also available!)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Duking it out!

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Friday night, we attended a 50th Anniversary benefit for WNET, and saw the Dukes of September: Michael McDonald (Doobie Brothers), Donald Fagen (Steeley Dan) and Boz Scaggs; they turned the crowd upside down with some of the best rock 'n roll we've ever heard! Playing old favorites and classics that they had not previously performed in public, the night was a complete success, and the crowd at the David Koch Theater was thoroughly entertained and treated to nearly three hours of music (with two encores!). It was a night we will never forget!

Closer to home, last night at St. James Church in Goshen, we were treated to some more great music in the Jazz at Vespers series, put together by Carolyn Tippin (vocals and flute) and Chris Sullivan (bass). They were joined by Mala Waldron (vocals and piano) and Dean Sharpe on percussion. Playing originals and tunes by Charlie Mingus, Billie Holliday and Earth, Wind and Fire, among others, the series has produced two really fine jazz evenings, and will now shift gears for MLK Day to a gospel theme, to include classics as well as tunes by Billy Joel, Paul Simon and James Taylor. Join us there on Sunday, January 20, 2013 to celebrate the birthday of Dr. King!

Meanwhile, "Chasing G" is moving into overdrive as demos of the pilot are being sent to a number of cable and broadcast networks, who have been anxiously awaiting the local reality show! Now on radio at WTBQ (LIVE, Fridays at noon), you can see excerpts of the video at and!

In "Collar" news, we are preparing a new edit of the film, to accommodate those who find some of the language disturbing. The new version will be made available to a new batch of distributors this month.

Finally, we attended the Cornerstone Alliance production of "Falling Moon", the play written and directed by Justin Pietropaolo. An anti-war piece aimed at a younger audiences (ages 8-18), it was a fun show to experience, performed with great energy and enthusiasm! It's got a timely message: basically, end war and promote prosperity for all...our sentiments exactly!

NEWS FLASH! As a final note, on "A Hustler's Life": Willy Gilly will be working in conjunction with What Now LLC to develop the marketing and merchandising of the film, along with author Reggie Bruce and the head of What Now's operations, Jennifer Sims!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Chasing G LIVE!

This afternoon, we aired the first episode of "Chasing G LIVE", Gary Corts' radio show on WTBQ! Co-hosted by Gary with David Wilson and Rob McLean, we talked about the business of pawn and all things G, complete with phone calls. Catch "Chasing G LIVE" every Friday at 12 noon exclusively on WTBQ, or hear the podcast on, where you can also see excerpts of "Chasing G", the TV show! We expect "Chasing G" to hit the web next week and your TV screen shortly thereafter!

Last night, Nan and David attended the Big Apple Film Festival, held at Tribeca Cinema, which runs through Sunday, November 18. Nan had a cameo appearance in "Girl Clown", a terrific little romantic short, a very charming piece. There were several really good film shorts in this event that highlights short films. One, by Mike Nickleburg, is a wonderful film, "Harry Grows Up"; we'd tell you more, but see it for yourself! Another very poignant piece, "Bittersweet Life", was well-directed and beautifully acted. You may be able to catch them at the Beacon Film Festival in February...where "Collar" will hold the main stage!

Speaking of "Collar", we are looking forward to a broader release of the film (twenty cities) before the end of the year. This comes as part of a funding package which has been in the works for the better part of 2012. We are excited about gearing up for 2013 after coming through the desert that has been this past election year...we know we are not alone! And if I hear another excuse for not taking care of business with getting America back on steady it's the "fiscal cliff"! We don't know who Fiscal Cliff is, but if we ever meet him, he's gonna be in big trouble!

For "36 Hours", we are interviewing casting directors to take the projcet to the next level. We are looking at a number of top candidates, including Diane Crittenden, who cast Terence Malick's first three films, and has one with Kevin James and Sean Astin ("Little Boy") about to hit theatres.

"A Hustler's Life" is moving forward as well. The film script, by Reggie Bruce, is in the casting process; the six million dollar film is being financed by a Chicago investment group. We are awaiting word when we can begin pre-production; we trust that will be before the end of the year as well! Becky Bindle has been chosen for a significant role; it will mark the first major motion picture for the singer/actress, in the role of 'Margaret'. We have tested actors and actually shot footage; among those tested are Jamie Santana (as Raoul) Rebecca Robins (as Amanda) and Crystal Parra (as Vera). A script has gone out to Penn Badgley ("Margin Call" and "Gossip Girl") for the lead role of Mick, a world-class card player. This will be the first Willy Gilly film to start rolling in 2013!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Veteran’s Day for Remembrance

This weekend, we met with Gary Corts, star and executive producer of “Chasing G”, and we have the green light to go ahead with at least two more episodes of the show. We have as yet no commitment for an outlet, other than and Please let us know what you think! We definitely want to hear from you!

Now that the elections are over, we are calling on distributors who were taking a wait-and-see stance on "Collar" before making any decision regarding the film. Apparently, the controversial content in the face of such a tight election was more than they could handle…much like our friend Steven Spielberg having to postpone “Lincoln” until after the voting was done, for fear of tipping the balance of power. Not that T. J. Williams is Abe Lincoln, but then again, our movie didn’t cost a hundred million dollars! Also, we believe we will be in theatres nationwide by, you ask?

Our funding package is in the final stages of approval, and we have received word from a source close to the decision-maker, who believes that we will be funded before the holidays! Thank you, Santa...from his lips to God’s ears!

We also met Monday morning with former Congressman Ben Gilman and his lovely wife Georgia. Ben was named as A Man of the Greatest Generation, for his heroic exploits as a US Army Air Corps B-29 pilot in World War II. Ben is a great American, still vital at ninety years young, a former fifteen-term Congressman and head of the Armed Services Committee. We are working with Ben and Georgia to promote and develop Orange County’s potential as a film and TV production center. Ben has endorsed our efforts 100%, as he continues to be active on the local scene. We are very happy to be working with him!

Speaking of veterans, today we will attending a breakfast speaking engagement at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Suffern NY to hear Vietnam vet/author Barry Fixler speak to a group of Rockland County veterans about his experiences as a young Marine at Khe Sanh in 1968. For those who don’t remember, you can look it up in any history book; it’s been called the greatest standoff in American military history. Barry’s account of his exploits, “Semper Cool”, will be the subject of another feature film project, with which we are very happy to be involved! You can find his book on,, or the site; all proceeds go directly to returning vets who have been seriously wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan. BUY THIS BOOK!

Monday, November 12, 2012

TV, film, stage, and now radio...Willy Gilly is everywhere!

The “Chasing G” pilot is now complete and has been approved by the executive producer for submission to the networks. We look forward to negotiating a worthy timeslot on a major cable or broadcast network; thus far, both CBS and the History Channel have expressed interest!

Not only that, but “Chasing G” is about to hit the radio airwaves as well! The first half-hour radio segment will be aired on legendary community radio station WTBQ on November 23th, the day after Thanksgiving. Gary Corts (G himself) will be taking calls on-air to discuss what you may have of value…and how to best take advantage of it!

On the “36 Hours” front, we’ve decided to contact a Hollywood casting director to move the process forward, as UTA has been a bit slow in its response to the producers in providing a cast package. As you know, we have been trying to get something going with Sir Anthony Hopkins, but his handlers seem to be preoccupied with the upcoming release of his new film, “Hitchcock”.

Also, we have learned today that Willy Gilly is indeed in line for serious consideration of major funding ($50M) through a trust fund, who has accepted our application and is reviewing it to determine at what level they will participate. Stay tuned!

Rehearsals continue on a stage production (TBA) to begin as soon as we have secured a venue. We are currently looking to work out an agreement with Sugar Loaf Performing Arts Center for an early springtime opening.

Finally, Willy Gilly has been working for almost two years on establishing an Orange County Film Board, and has been recently working with the Orange County Arts Council and the Orange County Economic Development Agency to provide new impetus for film and TV producers to establish themselves within the county. However, efforts seem to have stalled, despite the fact that many production companies downstate have been shut down due to Sandy and the challenge of cleaning up afterwards. We want everyone to know that they are more than welcome here on our back yard! We trust that the county will not drop the ball on this one!

Monday, November 5, 2012

A weekend for charity!

Sorry we've been off the blog for a week, thanks to Hurricane Sandy, which caused such destruction throughout our area. Our hearts go out to those in need. We are still praying that power and heat will be restored soon!

Friday night, we were the guests of Gary Corts and his lovely wife Hillary at the 38th Annual Denim and Diamonds Gala to benefit the Winslow Theraputic Riding Center. The event, held at beautiful Falkirk Estate and Country Club in Central Valley, honored Bonnie Masi Oswald for her tireless work in support of rehabilitation through equine contact. The charity auction event included dinner and dancing. The band, Cloud Nyne, performed fabulous renditions, both old and new. It was a great evening!

On Saturday evening, it was on to the 13th Annual Pillars of the Community Awards dinner, sponsored by the Great Hudson Valley Family Health Center of Newburgh. Now in its 45th year of operation, the black-tie event paid tribute to Janet and Tom Sullivan of Smith, Seamen and Quackenbush Funeral Homes in Monroe in Highland Mills and the William F. Hogan Funeral Home in Highland Falls. Also honored were Margaret and Andy Stahl of Hearthstone Contracting, and Elise Gold, executive director of Jewish Family Services of Orange County, for their extraordinary support. A silent auction event, that included Acting Anyone Academy lessons and a Willy Gilly storyboard package, was capped off by a performance by the Chris O'Leary Band, a zydeco and blues band, featuring all original music. These guys are hot!

And on Sunday, we headed to the Poughkeepsie Mall for the HV Parent Magazine Superheroes Event, where we entertained kids and their parents with juggling and pictures of the young ones (and those not-so-young) with Superman (aka Christian Frahme) and Catwoman (Lisa Brodsky)! A good time was had by all!

The much-anticipated completion of "Chasing G" is expected tomorrow! We look forward to everyone's response. Excerpts from the pilot episode can be seen right now on!

On "36 Hours", we spoke with Anthony Hopkins' agent on Friday. Sir Anthony, currently promoting his new bio-pic, "Hitchcock", has yet to see a script; however, we are confident that he will in short order! Word on the street is that it is a great film, with a host of Oscar-calibre performances, including his and Helen Mirren's (who plays his wife). We can't wait to see the results!

And good news for "Collar"! The marketing survey compiled over the past twelve months, from the 2,500 people who have seen the film, shows that nine out of ten would not only see it again but would recommend it to a friend! The test sample was conducted by Film Rx Partners, with demographics covering both sexes and ages eighteen and up. We look forward to being back on track with domestic distribution by the end of the year!