Thursday, August 30, 2012

On the dotted line!

Willy Gilly Productions has entered into a consulting agreement with Raj Productions of Middletown, New York to facilitate the production of a ten million dollar feature film, currently titled "36 Hours"!

Under the agreement, Willy Gilly will seek production and funding partners and also the attachment of name Hollywood talent. This marks the first major co-production relationship for Willy Gilly, who will guide these tyro pros to safe harbor with a dynamite package! An action-adventure film that deals with issues of terrorism and homeland security, they expect to be in production by summer 2013.

That's all for now...we're heading to Bethel Woods to see "Letters To Daddy", a great show with a great message. We'd love to see you there, too!

Monday, August 27, 2012

FREE Acting Anyone!

It's that time of the year once again! Back to school! Back to work! Back to the Future! Speaking of which, there will be a FREE Acting Anyone workshop conducted by David Patrick Wilson on Thursday, September 6th at 7:30 pm in the main room of Keller-Williams, 2004 Route 17M in Goshen, New York.

Hot on the heels of the gigantic success of the World Premier of "COLLAR" (and if you missed missed it!), right here in Middletown, Willy Gilly Productions is offering this training workshop FREE of charge to anyone interested in exploring a career in the entertainment industry. With Orange County rapidly becoming a film and TV hot zone (production already up 50% over last year), now is the time to explore a life in America's most profitable job sector. Get on board with a local company committed to creating and providing jobs for US military veterans and anyone else interested in examining entertainment as a livelihood. In front of the camera, or behind it...on-stage or behind the is where you can start. For FREE!

So come on down to Keller-Williams and find out what it's all about on Thursday night, September 6th, at 7:30pm. For more information, call (845) 294-7500 or drop us a line a info@acting!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Willy Gilly promotes Safe Homes!

Willy Gilly met this morning with the director of Safe Homes of Orange County, located in Newburgh, New York. David Patrick Wilson and Nan Gill-Wilson talked to Kellyann Kostyal-Larrier, executive director. The organization deals with all of the issues related to broken homes and battered women.

Willy Gilly and Safe Homes met to discuss how to further the goals and work of the organization and to create several events in the next year. The purpose would be how to create general awareness of the issues and possible solutions to a growing challenge in American home life. Among the possible events discussed was a Valentine's Day 2013 gathering (bundle up!) at which Willy Gilly will film a unifying statement made 'en masse' at a local stadium (Dutchess?) to be broadcast everywhere declaring an end to violence against women throughout the world. Both parties have agreed to go forward, and are seeking to have as many men and women (and children) as possible, participate in this extraordinary event. They would like to attract at least five thousand people from the five counties' 1.25 million.

For more information, please contact at or call (845) 562-5365 during normal business hours. Let's all take a stand for Safe Homes!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Oh, really?

Willy Gilly Productions is in negotiations for the development of a reality show based right here in Orange County! The actual content will remain confidential until the pilot is complete. However, it does involve a very popular local business, and is centered on its owner/operator in his day-to-day dealings. This marks the first time Willy Gilly will be producing content specifically for the reality market. Production will commence in late September.

Also, for anyone out there who has been receiving letters supposedly from a Canadian lottery: IT'S A SCAM! If you receive a letter and a check, contact local authorities immediately!

Coming up later's "Collar" the novel! If you're interested in obtaining a copy, go to and order yours! They will be shipped directly from the publisher!

One more thing: David Patrick Wilson has begun scripting the sequel to "Collar" ("The Mayan") and expects to be in production as early as next spring, with the follow-up to the award-winning crime drama! TJ Williams, now retired and working as a security specialist, has to call on chief of detectives (and his old partner) Angel Santangelo one more time to pull him out of the line of fire in a major drug war incident! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Shirts off to America!

Anyone interested in our "Collar" giveaway T-shirts? There are still some remaining! Let us know how to get them to you, and for the shipping and handling cost, they're yours!

If you haven't seen "Collar" yet, keep checking this spot and your local listings to stay abreast of our regional and national distribution campaign. If you want it in your town, tell all your friends to go and demand it! Hit the magic number, and we'll be happy to oblige!

And if you can't wait to see the movie, then read the book! YES, there is a book! All you fans of crime novels, here's a chance for you to order your copy of "Collar" the book today! The book will ship to you next week if you order NOW at!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Third year's a charm!

Willy Gilly Productions celebrates its third anniversary today, Friday, August 17th! Statistically, it has been shown that over ninety percent of new businesses fail in its first three years; we have been blessed with many successes and look forward to all of the challenges and triumphs that lie ahead!

We thank everyone in the Hudson Valley with whom we have had the good fortune to work. We are excited about all that is happening under our roof and in fact throughout Ornage County and the Hudson Valley with regard to films, TV, stage and the written word. Stay tuned...there's much more to come!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bethel Woods alert!

Willy Gilly is in advance discussions with "Letters to Daddy" creator Will Rodman to produce the film version of the musical. The homegrown production is about to take the stage at Bethel Woods Center for the Performing Arts, on the site of the original Woodstock Music Festival, on Thursday, August 30th! If you have school-age children, and have not seen this play, you owe it to them -- and yourselves -- to get to this important event...especially before you send them back to school! The content deals with everything from teenage isolation to bullying and coming to grips with being an outsider. We look forward to turning this Broadway-bound musical into a significant feature film! For tickets, contact the Bethel Woods box office at (866) 781-2922!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Act Now!

Acting Anyone Academy is preparing its fall schedule to provide training in the Meisner Method to anyone interested in a career in film, TV or the stage. Classes will be forming over the next several weeks with an eye on starting new sessions in mid-September. Classes range from Youth (ages 10-12), Young Adult (13-17) and Adult (18 and up). Please contact our office at (845) 294-7500 or visit to receive more information, get an application and schedule an appointment! There's still time, but move fast...class sizes are limited!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Storm's a-brewin'!

On the heels of an incredible premiere event that drew hundreds of people to the historic Paramount Theatre in downtown Middletown on Saturday, August 4th, the producers of "Collar" are being forced to deal with egregious business practices of the theatre's management. Even before the dust settled from the opening night, there were issues regarding the venue's ability to properly exhibit the film. Shoddy equipment and a poor sound system, along with a lack of sufficient advertising on the part of the theatre forced closings of the shows and turned away potential business to Willy-Gilly Productions. It is unfortunate that there are individuals and organizations who fail to properly serve the public as part of their mandate, when that *is* their mandate. More than that, the Paramount chose to shut its doors rather than extend the run to compensate for cancelled showings due to the faulty equipment. By doing that, they terminated any desire on the part of Willy-Gilly to exhibit or host any event at that facility as long as the current management is in place.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Book 'em, TJ!

Now that "Collar" the movie has premiered to enthusiastic crowds, "Collar" the book is right on its heels! Follow the exploits of TJ and Angel as they take down a local ring of drug pushers and flesh peddlers! For all those who enjoy a great read of a good story, thrill to every action-packed page...we promise you won't put it down! Order the book online, through NOW, or at Amazon and Barnes and Noble starting next month! Be a "Collar" Caller! Go to and demand that the movie be added to your local theatre's marquee this fall! And stay tuned for all "Collar" news right here!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

FREE! FREE! Free at last!

Free, free, free at last! For those who haven't had the opportunity to see the movie "Collar" yet, there are two shows left TODAY ONLY at 4pm and 7pm at the Paramount Theatre in Middletown! David Patrick Wilson and Nan Gill-Wilson will be on hand to give out FREE "Collar" T-shirts at the theatre to anyone who buys a long as the supply lasts! You don't want to miss this film, or the chance to have collectible merchandise! FREE collectible movie merchandise! The World Premier was the first such event ever held at the historic theatre, or in the city of Middletown, for that matter...perhaps even Orange County! It will go down in history as a transformational event that marked the beginning of a new era in the local economy; film and TV production, along with the related industries are coming to Orange County. And with them, they bring hundreds, even thousands of jobs, as well as their financial benefits! This monumental event will have been the first of many in the future! But there is only ONE number come on out, see a great movie, and get a FREE T-shirt! (Can you dig it?!)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Where's the beef?

While the public has registered their overwhelming approval and excitement for "Collar", now playing the Paramount Theatre in Middletown, New York (tickets are $5 and $7.50 for the 4pm and 7pm shows, respectively), the mainstream media has yet to weigh in on either the quality or the content of this important motion picture. We fully understand that as functionaries of conglomerate media, it is not in their best interest, nor does it serve their profit motive to endorse independent product (especially that made outside of Hollywood). There may come a time in the not-too-distant future, however, when listening to their audience will, once again, become more important than kowtowing to their corporate masters. Be that as it may, it is crucial that the public, given the issues of the day (in an election year, no less), take a closer look at where we are as a culture, and where we are going as a society. "Collar" offers the opportunity for everyone to do both. For ticket information, contact the Paramount box office or go to, or order directly at!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Saturday night's all right for "Collar"!

The World Premiere of "Collar" was a huge success Saturday night! Spotlights lit up the night as they rolled out the red carpet in front of the Paramount Theatre in Middletown, New York, as a near-sellout crowd filled the seats and stood up to cheer before the credits rolled. In attendance were a slew of stars and local dignitaries, as well as the media (print, radio and TV). WTBQ's Rob McLean was on hand to interview the celebs as they came into the theatre. And the celebration is just beginning! "Collar" is still at the Paramount all this week, from Monday through Thursday, at 4pm and 7pm. FLASH! Stay tuned...the run may be extended through next weekend by popular demand! But the best bet is to come on out to see it NOW! Call the Paramount box office at (845) 346-4195, or contact Willy Gilly at (845) 294-7500! The word is out...and tickets are selling fast!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Calling all rockers!

Six Stories Told, AsmarA and the Dedication are ready to knock your socks off: "Rocking The Paramount", tonight at 8:00! Doors open at 7:30, so be there or be square! We are putting the Paramount into orbit to launch this weekend's extravaganza with music, DJs, stars galore, giveaways...a splendid time is guaranteed for all! And don't forget...tomorrow night will feature one of the biggest events in Orange County history at the World Premiere of "Collar", also at the historic Paramount Theatre in Middletown! The festivities start at 6:00 with a walk up the red carpet, featuring celebrities, VIPs, and the stars of today and tomorrow! Photo opportunities and fan-tastic favor will abound for all in attendance! (And the first 500 will receive free limited edition T-shirts, compliments of Willy-Gilly and Amsterdam Printing!) There are still VIP packages available for those who want the full "Hollywood on the Hudson" treatment, including the before and after parties! The parties will feature the sounds of the Knox Sisters and Love Assassin and a special musical guest, guaranteed to please...brought to you by Big Mountain Entertainment! So come on out, and let's turn this town UPSIDE DOWN!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bad news...and good news!

First, the bad news: we received a thousand T-shirts that are way off the mark. Now, the good news: we don't want to sell we're going to give them away! For the first thousand people who walk through the door at the "Collar" premiere on Saturday, August 4th, you will receive a FREE "Collar" premiere T-shirt! If you have a VIP package that includes a T-shirt, you will receive a second T-shirt FREE! Also...tune into WTBQ radio (AM 1110, FM 93.5, tomorrow morning from 7 to 9am for more information on giveaways and other opportunities for the premiere and the "Rockin' the Paramount" show Friday night!