Thursday, February 21, 2013

What a difference a day makes!

Yesterday got old real quick, but today is brand new and with it comes new opportunity.

Yesterday, we were asked to re-enter a conversation about putting “36 Hours” up for production. It is a very timely piece, considering what is happening with the Papacy and the upheaval in the Catholic Church. The faithful may recall that we were asked to ‘step away’ from the production some months ago. The executive producer/writer, Dr. Rajan Gulati has decided to re-engage Willy-Gilly to move ahead. Stay tuned, we will keep you posted on what’s next!

We have gotten tremendous response from buyers at the NATPE convention in Miami that we attended at the end of last month (Jan.) on “Chasing G!” However, we are now confronted with some issues regarding the subject of the show that is impeding our ability to get it out to our followers on cable and through the internet. No worries! We expect that will be changing very soon and you will get the chance to enjoy a unique look at the “Pawn” industry. (Keep your pants on!)

STAGE ONE ALERT! We are awaiting approval by the board of a local (Goshen, NY) venue to begin serious rehearsals on a play (as yet unannounced), which we continue to rehearse in lieu of finding a home. (If you think placing an puppy is tough, you ought to try producing play!) Once we have the venue secured we will hold a local press conference to reveal the name of the piece, which we will be opening in April. Keep an eye out for the ‘What,’ the ‘Where,’ and the ‘When,’ right here on this blog!

(Hint! Hint! We will be opening this show in Goshen, before moving it to Manhattan later this Spring!)

STAGE TWO ALERT! In the meantime we, are meeting with various restaurants in the region about putting on “St. Valentine’s Dead!”, our new dinner murder mystery that will be coming to the OC, forthwith. We would very much like to do our take on ‘The Passion’ play, “Supper with Ja,” this coming Easter, as well.
However, that may be too much on our plate for this season and we may have to wait another year to clear up this whole, ‘Judas/betrayal’ myth that has been plaguing Christianity for the last couple thousand years. ‘Hey, Jude! Don’t be afraid!’ Help is on the way.

Hooray, Hooray Acting Classes have started again. A whole new series of trainings for professionals and amateurs (young and mature) seeking to master the craft of acting, writing, directing, producing and singing. Everyone from 8 to 80 (or older) is welcome to join us as Acting Anyone transforms local talent into powerful professionals. For more information contact at our office at 845.294.7500 or on the web

Finally, the clock is ticking down for the arrival of our funding to begin production on 6 films which was suspended last year. This is no secret that 2012 was a year of great change and challenge. We are looking forward to having that all pay off in the coming year.

We look forward to providing hundreds (thousands?) of jobs to locals in the film, television and the performing arts industries over the next 4 years. We continue to believe without reservation that Orange County is, ‘The Golden Triangle.’ Moreover, it is the premiere location for creating, developing, producing and distributing Independent Film, TV and stage intellectual properties in the US and the World!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST! Kudos to “Freeze Frame,” the Beacon Theater Film Festival that exhibited our feature film, “Collar” earlier this month. Not even a blizzard could keep hardy Hudson Valley-ites from gathering to see the award winning flick, which will be released in limited markets this Spring as part of our funding package commitment.

PS - We will be handling our own campaign, although we have renewed contact with several interested Hollywood distributors and producers to assist in our efforts. As in all previous screenings, about 80% of those attending gave us rave reviews. POWER TO THE PEOPLE! RIGHT ON!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Moving Forward!!!

We are moving forward. Check out recent developments on our brand new Orange County Biz site both for film and TV production and The Acting Anyone Academy.

There is a comment link should you choose to leave one.

Acting Anyone Academy Spring Sessions will be commencing next week. We are looking for serious candidates for acting and singing who are willing to work hard to succeed. The opportunities are there now for those who will commit.

We regret that Paraclete Arts Center was unable to secure the number of attendees necessary for their St. Valentine’s Fundraiser. This is a truly worthwhile organization and we will continue to work with them in any way that we can to improve their outreach in the future. We, however, did complete, cast and rehearse a new one act dinner theater murder mystery, “St. Valentine’s Dead” and we are very happy to say that this thing is a ‘friggin’ riot!

We are looking forward to adapting it for use on any occasion at a number of restaurants already in contact with us to perform it throughout the region. We know it rocks and you will enjoy your evening and your dinner wherever we perform. We will keep you posted.

The cast of the ‘Anyone Playing Ensemble’ (APE) features all local talent including David Wilson (, Nan Gill ( ), Ken Krause ( ), Angela Rosier ( ), Lisa Brodsy, Sean O’Brien ( )and BD Anthony ( ). “St. Valentine’s Dead” is outrageously fun and you can join us soon and go APE too!

This Friday in Manhattan we have several meetings scheduled with some of our distributor contacts from the NAPTE event in Miami last month. They are looking for content and that’s one thing that we have of!

Join us at

You can sign up for the Willy Gilly Community at

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Never forget a Phase!

We just got off the phone with Christian Andersen of Phase 24 Productions in Los Angeles, an independent film and TV production company that has secured $35 million to make ten episodes of his post-apocalyptic thriller, "Panacea". We are in negotiations to consult on (and possibly co-produce) the series, which is bound for cable TV. This is a really good one...somewhere between "The Hunger Games" and the new Anthony Zuiker/Samsung collaboration, "Cybergeddon". It's sure to be a hit; we look forward to getting it going!

Today, the Freeze Frame Film Festival begins at the Beacon Theatre in Beacon, New York. Tonight our good friend Jarek Zabczynski will be showing three of his award-winning music videos, along with a group of student documentaries and film shorts. On Saturday there is a full day of "Collar" (two showings at 4pm and 8pm) and selected shorts from the Big Apple Film Fest: "Harry Grows Up" (by Mark Nickelsburg) and "Clown Girl" (by Crystal Scott), two brilliant short works. There will be a filmmakers' panel discussion following our feature. Also in the festival is our good friend and student Lloyd LeBaron who will presenting his feature on Sunday. We are honored to be the tent pole of this festival; we look forward to supporting the Beacon Theatre in its restoration efforts. Tickets for the event start at $5 each up to $18 for the entire day; proceeds go to the Beacon Theatre Restoration Fund!

Next Thursday is Valentine's Day! There will be a performance of a new dinner theatre mystery created specifically for this event by David Patrick Wilson: "St. Valentine's Dead"! The cast will include Wilson, Angela Rosier, Ken Krause, Lisa Brodsky, Sean O'Brien, Brett Anthony and Nan Gill-Wilson! This comedy will be part of a full buffet dinner at El Tequilero Restaurant; tickets are $25 each, to benefit the Paraclete Arts Center in Middletown! You don't want to miss this: it's wacky, wild and a little weird! (Paraclete Arts Center serves Middletown's youth by offering a full dance program to those who would otherwise not be able to afford to pursue their dreams of being performers.)

Meanwhile, we welcome America's Polka King, Jimmy Sturr, home from his cruise of the Caribbean! We are looking forward to looking ahead and developing a vehicle that will open up new doors for him with the next generation! We are reviewing material supplied by Jimmy for a proposal around his life and career before he leaves for the Strawberry Festival at the end of this month!

Stay tuned...things are cookin'!

Today at Willy-Gilly!