Wednesday, February 5, 2014


I have been waiting for the initial shock to dull into numbness before weighing in on Philip Seymour Hoffman's 'suicide.' I say suicide because Philip knew what he was doing and where it would inevitably lead, should he 'pick up and use.' (Those are terms that every addict and alcoholic understands. I know because I have been working a program of recovery for 27 years, this month. )

I can say, "Philip knew!" because that's where we met more than two decades ago. His name was only, 'Philip' back then. He had not added the other appellation, yet. Then again, my name was only 'David!' I've since added my middle name, as well. I've added a lot of things to my life, since then. I've subtracted even more. But, those things that I gave up were unnecessary, some quite damaging. What I kept has made life much simpler, much kinder and more joyful.  I guess Phil, for all of his brilliance, couldn't get that. It happens. 

When I met him he was a serious, introspective and very frightened young actor. I think it was at a musicians meeting in Venice Beach. Or, maybe it was an NA in Beverly Hills. I qualified for all of them, CA, NA, AA, SA! You name it, I was doing it! 

At that time, I had about 5 years. He was a ' newcomer' and was scared shitless. He would probably have been served better if he held on to some of that reverential fear. I could have saved his life. It has saved mine, many times. I guess he figured he could handle it, now. After all, he was a 'Star,' now. Not just some 'wannabe' with a budding substance issue. He obviously didn't take this cunning, baffling disease seriously enough.  This 'Jones' is the one neighbor you definitely don't want moving into your 'Hood!' Especially now! That shit he jacked must have been too hot!

The 'good goods' our boys and girls in 'red, white and blues' are muling back in their 'ditty bags' from 'The Big A' (I'm talking Afghanistan here, not Manhattan!), makes the 'Blue Cheer' that Frank Lucas was 'body bagging' back from 'Nam, when I lived up on 138th and Lenox, look like your mamma's laundry detergent!  If you think these kids are doing '5 bits in the zone' because they love kicking Taliban ass or thumping Al Queda butt, you got another thing coming! 

Contrary to what the jive ass turkeys in Washington are laying down, this 'horse' ain't riding up from ole Mexico either, compadre. It's rolling in from those kids doing multiple tours in the number one heroine producing country in the world. That's right, kimosabe! Before the smoke cleared from our 'carpet bombing' of the Taliban in '03, the poppies were back in the fields! We are talking by the ton! If you think I don't know what I'm talking about, why not ask our Olympic hosts what really brought down the 'Evil Empire,' back in '86! It wasn't 'Cowboy Ronnie,' or his 'Star Wars Initiative' bullshit! It wasn't the 'Arms Race!' It was 'Afghani Pearl,' that bitch! She was being dragged back to Moscow's streets by kids carrying Kalichnikov's and duffle bags full of 'The White Lady!' 

(FACT: I was living in Sweden in 1984. I knew people who were trafficking snow back into Scandinavia. They were buying kilos of 100% pure heroine on the back streets of Kiev [then a Soviet province] for less than it cost to buy a liter bottle of Schnapps {Akavit} in Stockholm! )

Seymour died because he was sick and too proud and filled with himself to get the help that's available to everyone 24/7/365 (366 in 'Leap Year!'). That's a sad truth. But what is really terrifying to me is that the same thing is happening here that happened 25 years ago in the Soviet Union. Some of our soldiers (probably more than you can even imagine) are coming back from 'in country' and bringing 'the white death' home with them. 

You think I'm crazy?!  Try this on for size. They are armed and highly trained agents of destruction, compliments of Uncle Sam. But, their benevolent 'uncle' has turned his back (courtesy of a conservative Congress.) There are no jobs for most of them when they do come back. The streets are filled with punks who don't know a 'K-zone' from an 'e-zine,' but they're already hooked on 'Mother's little helpers' like 'Oxy' and 'Ex!' 

In our under-regulated, 'free market economy' where 'bling is the thing' and it doesn't matter how and where you got it, the market is there, the buyers are hungry for 'cheap meds' and the suppliers are ready and more than willing to let our own bad habits and disgruntled ex-military pull us down from the inside. IF YOU DON'T THINK IT CAN HAPPEN HERE, YOU BEST PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR TOO FAT ASS! 

Finally, I have one question for our military brass, WHO'S WATCHING THE TROOPS, WHILE YOU'RE WATCHING YOURSELVES ON THE NEWS?! And America, WHAT IN HEAVEN'S NAME ARE YOU THINKING?! Do you think the incredible increase in heroine addiction in this country is unrelated to this war? And, do you think that the unbelievably high suicide rate among Veterans of these 'conflicts' is caused by 'non-drug related' depression and PTSD?! ARE YOU EFFING SERIOUS?! A 100% INCREASE IN THE REPORTED USE OF HEROINE SINCE 2004 OUGHT TO TELL YOU SOMETHING! 

My advice is: Stop doing 'the Devil's dance!' STOP PERFORMING MEANINGLESS 'WITCH-HUNTS' ON HARMLESS BALLPLAYERS! (After all, how can they possibly hurt us? Are they going to kill somebody's stupid record for home runs? Touchdowns? Points in a single game, maybe?) LET'S START CHECKING VETS 'ROLLOUT KITS.' (These people are trained to kill and destroy !) LET 'S JUST SEE WHO'S HOLDING WHAT AND WHAT KIND OF KOOL-AID THEY'VE BEEN DRINKING, BECAUSE THAT CRAP THAT 'BIG PHARMA' SOLD AMERICA WHILE THEY WERE STILL CHILDREN ISN'T WORTH THE PISS IT TAKES TO TEST FOR IT NOW, BY COMPARISON! WAKE UP, AMERICA! SMELL THE POPPIES! 

Finally, and most importantly, God Bless America! And, God bless our overly challenged young men and women serving Him and this country in the armed forces! BRING THEM HOME! NOW!!! PLEASE, STOP THIS INSANITY!  €8-.0