Saturday, January 17, 2015

'Twas the Season' Tis the Season!

'Twas the season! 'Tis the season! It's always some kind of season and the one of which we are speaking here is, 'The Awards Season!'

Golden Globes, SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Awards, People's Choice and of course, the almighty 'Oscars' have all been trawling for favor for weeks now. As much as I am generally opposed to 'artistic' competitions of this ilk (I think they are counter-productive!), as members of both SAG and the Academy, we're been getting Hollywood product in the daily mail and are expected to review and pass judgement on all of the candidates. This year is proving to be more than the usual challenge.

For once, there are many great films out there, but of the ones which we have viewed so far, of particular interest and merit are, "Birdman", "The Judge" and "The Imitation Game." They are outstanding! Great performances, ensembles, direction, scripts and visuals abound in this trio. Of these so far, I see my old friend Michael Keaton as front runner for, 'Best Actor' (BTW: Congrats on your Globe, Mike!). But, 'Best Picture' ain't so simple!

In any event, you can't lose by dropping a dime (meaning a tenspot) at the bijou to catch All of these nominees this year. Now that 'the Globes' are behind us and the Hollywood Press has weighed in and the noms for 'the Big O' are on the table, we are busy with the SAG selections. We have yet to view these, "Boyhood," "The Theory of Everything" (next on our list) , and "Cake" with Jennifer Annistan (way to go, Jen!) and then vote for those awards.

To tell you the truth, I really wish there was a good 'oater' (western) up for something. I'm still a Saturday matinee kind of guy! Love them thar' cowboys (not Dallas) and Native American (not Redskins) pics. Fact is, I'm not much for flicks about actors, (Hollywood or Broadway), but what the heck! Like I said, "Tis the season!" See you on Main Street! Peace & Love! €8-.D