Tuesday, December 24, 2013

His Turn?

              It's that time of year again! That time when we Christians celebrate Judaism's greatest gift, the blessing of God's only begotten son, our Savior, Jesus 'the Christ.'  It has been more than two millennia since He was made man to manifest The Holy Spirit within each of us. Whether Jew or Gentile, Muslim, Christian, heathen, atheist or saint, His Love has touched us all in one way or another and brought the good news that we can be Redeemed from our assorted and sordid histories.

While there can be no doubt that evil is more present, more apparent and pervasive than ever, for me one thing is certain; God is Lord. Christ is King. And, above all, His Spirit shall prevail.

For thousands of years, men have chosen to perpetrate lies and deceptions, to inflict suffering, poverty, war, disease and destruction upon our own kind and all kind for any and every reason. But, if God's truth be known and the laws of the universe accepted, at some point in the very near future all of this will surely end. Whether you are a 'Creationist,' 'Evolutionist,' atheist, or you are of any religious ilk, there is one principal to which all things in the physical world are subject. It is that, "everything seeks to achieve equilibrium (balance)." It is written in every great Theosophical tome, mathematical theory and scientific formula. This was so in Moses' time, Jesus' time, Mohammed's time, Gautama's time, Galileo's time, Einstein's time and it is still so in this time. What hangs in that 'balance' is God's Peace and the fate of all Humanity.

In the human equation, given all that there is and has been in this world for all of recorded history (including all of the above stated), what lies before us is the possibility of a world filled with Love, Joy, Prosperity and Wellness without hunger, without poverty, without disease, without violence, or anything that looks like that which has always been.  What is left for us as 'Human-kind' (heavy emphasis on the 'kind,' especially given the season) is to choose the end of the world as we know it, in favor of a world that has been dreamed of, prayed for, written about and spoken of ever since the day that Christ child was born to a lowly carpenter and a peasant girl, out under the stars above Bethlehem that glorious night 2,013 years ago. I choose Now! I choose Him, God's gift to us! His message. His Faith. His Vision. His Word. His promise of, "a World without end." What do you choose?

God bless you all.  Merry Christmas!

Peace & Love,

            Copyright 2013. By David Patrick Wilson. All Rights Reserved.
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