Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Download your free chapter of "Collar"

“Collar the Movie” is about to be released at last. But, for those who just can’t wait there is a book that you can access today and download a free chapter.
It tells the full story with all the details.
We will be releasing one chapter periodically until it is released.
Starting today go to click on the link and download the first chapter on us, along with cover art.
For all our fans, the wait is over, this is it.
If you download the first chapter by the 31st of October you can receive the 1st chapter as an audio book as well, narrated by the author, director and star of “Collar”

This offer is limited. If you want it, come and get it while they last.

Monday, October 10, 2016

ENTER TO WIN A $100 gift card* Give us your opinion
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Enter to win $100 gift card!

ENTER TO WIN A $100 gift card* Give us your opinion
Cast your vote

We know that our audience is what really counts and we are counting on you every step of the way.
*This offer available where permitted by law.  Check your state laws for eligibility.  Must be over 18 years of age.  Drawing 12/31/16.

Friday, August 26, 2016

ENTER TO WIN A $100 gift card* Give us your opinion
Cast your vote at
Collar Poster 1:

Enter to win $100 gift card!

ENTER TO WIN A $100 gift card* Give us your opinion
Cast your vote click on poster 1 or 2

We know that our audience is what really counts and we are counting on you every step of the way.

Which of these posters do you think is most appealing?
Collar Poster 2
*This offer available where permitted by law.  Check your state laws for eligibility.  Must be over 18 years of age.  Drawing 12/31/16.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

“Fairy Tales can come true. It can happen to you!” – Lyrics to ‘Young at Heart’

“Fairy Tales can come true.  It can happen to you!” – Lyrics to ‘Young at Heart’

A view of our first-rate cast with our executive producer, (ltr. Sizemore, Wilson, DeMornay, Roundtree, Gill-Wilson, and Santana)
Urgent Appeal
Yesterday was a big day at Willy-Gilly Productions!  Both the Mets and the Yankees shut out their opponents 8 zip and 7 zip, respectively.  There is not a time in recent memory when the Mets and the Yankees both shut out their opponents on the same day!  On such an auspicious occasion, we felt compelled to to launch our Indiegogo campaign for, “Collar the Movie.”
Be that as it may, today is ‘Cinco de Mayo’  (a celebration of Mexican Independence) and unlike some politicians, who shall remain unnamed, rather than building walls and fences to divide and separate us, our crowd funding campaign is intended to open the door for All of the peoples throughout the entire world to participate with us in finally bringing ‘truth’ to market.
It has become abundantly clear to us that the powers that be in Entertainment and Media (E&M) do not really want to hear what the Public has to say about Any of their output. They continue to attempt to broadcast their propaganda under the guise of (E&M), Dominate and Manipulate their audiences with their cartoonish perception of what is happening on our streets and in our world every day. Rather than interacting with the community that they are supposed to serve, they expect the sheepish masses to ‘marvel’ at their clever crafting of mindless, baseless drivel, wrapped in 3D-CGI. Thank God, those days are about over!
Therefore, we deemed it a ‘must’ to take our brand of ‘truth’ to the streets and let America’s voice be heard through this expansive opportunity.  In fact, we believe that, not only is it most necessary, it is truly what God has intended all along.
We call upon YOU, our fellow creative artists and citizens ALL, to assist us in bringing a story of substance and Truth to the big screens of our American cinema, everywhere. We need every single man and women, regardless of background, heritage or political persuasion, to check in at and let your voice be heard through our campaign. Whether you contribute cash or just ‘pass’ this along, we really want you in our corner.
We have screened our film to more than 2,000 people since we began this journey.  Nearly All (88%) have responded to our exit poll inquiries favorably.  Law enforcement officers and first responders, almost to a man/woman (100%) registered their support for the entertainment content, the handling of the issues and the production values embodied in the film, which calls them to task for their own human frailty.
Had we been successful with our early efforts to distribute “Collar” by conventional means, this country may have been able to avoid some of the tragic outcomes that we have witnessed in Miami, Ferguson, Cleveland, New York, Baltimore and many other towns and cities throughout this country.
With this campaign we draw the line and remove the “gag” from the mouths of the tellers of truth.  All we ask is that you take a look, see what it is that is in your heart to do and join us in our efforts to make American REALLY great again.
There are no political solutions.  We the people are the answer.  This is a ‘people’s movie’.  We are a ‘people’s company’.  YOU are the People whose Truth shall be heard, God willing.  Join us!

Thursday, March 24, 2016



We live in a world fraught with tension, violence and destruction, where our 'Trust in God' has been sacrificed for the vain hope that there is, 'honor among thieves.'  For the past 7 years, we have faithfully worked diligently to produce and promote the truth through our best efforts, only to be put upon by liars and cheats, told time after time by those supposedly, "in the know," that while our film "Collar" was 'epic in its scope,' it would not be of interest to the general public because of what it depicts. We were then discarded because of a prevailing industry proclamation that, "American audiences would not be interested in our core content."

Of course not, even though having screened it before hundreds (almost 3,000), who verified in our exit polls an 85% approval rate (8.5/10), thus asserting that the "experts" were wrong. This affirmation aside, we were still mired in their conversation that the economic risk was all theirs, that was all that mattered and if we wanted, "Collar" to be distributed we would have to pay dearly for it (not at all uncommon in the new Hollywood distribution model)!.

After all, why would anyone in 21st century America be interested in a film about a cop who shoots a young black man, causing a huge uprising in the community that he served with distinction for 30 years, threatening to undo All of his 'honest efforts' to change the social landscape and thereby bury himself, his family and his peers in the morass of "Racism," forever??

Fast forward to Ferguson and make a brief stop at Trevon Martin on the way. All of a sudden, what we had hoped to offer as a warning shot =, fired across the bow of America's ship of state, becomes an all too familiar living nightmare. 

Be that as it may, ours is only a fiction based on truth and no where nearly as horrifying as some of the other unimportant content adrift in the fractious, fictional, "EnMisphere," things like, ISIL, Syria and "Super Bugs".  Why should anyone want to be entertained by such horrible 'truths,' when they can, so easily, dive into the matrix of Marvel, Disney and Pixar and let comic book 'superheroes' and gooey cartoon characters handle the "icky?" Not that such flights of fantasy are not important to relieve the stresses of every day American life. How else could one stand to even get a 'mani-pedi' or 'take a lunch' at Cyril's?

But there must be a balance struck somewhere. Those comic book 'heroes' with their '3D stuffies' are not REALITY by any stretch of the imagination. Not even, "Survivor" represents anything 'real' in this world. It's all smoke and mirrors. If we are not willing to embrace, 'nouveau cinema verite,' as at least a facsimile of what is so in the world, then we are surely staring into the abyss at the certain demise of our pop culture and our imminent death by self-inflicted ignorance. God help us All... soon.