Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Download your free chapter of "Collar"

“Collar the Movie” is about to be released at last. But, for those who just can’t wait there is a book that you can access today and download a free chapter.
It tells the full story with all the details.
We will be releasing one chapter periodically until it is released.
Starting today go to click on the link and download the first chapter on us, along with cover art.
For all our fans, the wait is over, this is it.
If you download the first chapter by the 31st of October you can receive the 1st chapter as an audio book as well, narrated by the author, director and star of “Collar”

This offer is limited. If you want it, come and get it while they last.


  1. So where is Hudson Valley? Any new releases?

  2. A Great Movie “Collar”, a movie that you will make you remember, cause you to open your eyes and think about the things that are happening all around us everyday.