Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Acting Anyone Academy Presents the Actors Playing Ensemble

Acting Anyone Academy Presents the Actors Playing Ensemble

The principals of Willy-Gilly Productions, seeing the opportunity to develop a new industry for the region have created a program for training actors and technicians to fill positions that will be more and more critical to the entertainment industry. By developing local talent of all ages, backgrounds and ethnicities we believe that we can create a sustainable economic force for the future.

Due to the diversity in hiring requirements for qualification under the tax credit system in New York, it is incumbent on employers in the industry to hire across a broad range of well-qualified, well-trained individuals.  Acting Anyone and the "Actors Playing Ensemble" provide a platform for men, women, seniors, and the developmentally challenged to acquire skills that can lead to careers in this constantly expanding industry.  According to best selling author, Dr. James B. Huntington (PhD) in his book, "Choosing a Lasting Career," his criteria for jobs development and career opportunities over the next 20 years puts employment in film, television and stage among the highest ranked.  His evaluation includes acting, writing, editing, videography and production at all skill levels.

It is the purpose of Acting Anyone and APE to showcase local talent and expertise through all of their projects, which are chosen and produced specifically to maximize opportunities for that purpose.  We are currently being sponsored by Fractured Atlas ( to obtain 501c3 status. It is our intention to engage local individuals, businesses, agencies and civic organizations in sponsoring these productions, one of which will be staged at SUNY-Orange County Community College, beginning the weekend of October 11 and completing on the following weekend (10/18-20). They are all relevant to the community and the issues of them, while showcasing local craft.

"Status Quo Vadis", a two act 'dramedy' by Donald Driver. It deals with social class struggles, set in a contemporary corporate culture. It has a cast of 15 and a crew of 8-10, who are  predominantly, amateurs seeking to show their skills, transition into the professional ranks and enhance their ability to find work in America's #1 growth industry. The developing talent includes men and women, young and old of all ethnicities, as well as 'specially gifted,' developmentally challenged individuals.  They are people who have had other careers looking for a change, people who have had an 'unrealized dream' (which they are now living), young people looking for their future (which they will soon be able to sustain right here), and those with 'special needs,' all looking for the optimum opportunity to show their God-given abilities.

 (In fact, two of our 'special needs' actors were prominently featured, recently in a true story reenactment for Animal Planet's "Monsters Inside of Me," which will be aired later this year.)

Moreover, during the past four years Acting Anyone and its parent company Willy-Gilly Productions have championed the establishment of the film and television industry in Orange County.  They have been a vital force in creating the conversation which has led to the establishment of film offices in both the City of Newburgh and Orange County at large for the purpose of promoting the area to the greater industry.  Due to the focus that they have drawn to the region, there are many new opportunities for film makers to both produce, distribute and exhibit their work, here.

In conclusion, Acting Anyone has trained dozens of new performers over the past two years and will continue to do so.  It has provided internships and paid positions for many behind the scenes, as well.  We look forward to working with many more individuals and businesses within the community to expand the growth of entertainment throughout Orange County and New York State.

Finally, we are looking to create a model for communities throughout the US that will open doors to many who have previously not had access to such training and the incentives that come with it. With the success of our new model, we will soon begin to export the talent that has been developed locally to work globally. American economics may not be what they once were, but neither our entertainment expertise and abilities, nor the products, goods and services that spring from them have ever been in greater demand. We look forward to a better day and a better way through developing this program.

For more information, please go online, visit and contact us at You may also reach us at our offices by calling (845) 294-7500 or by writing or stopping by at 222 Greenwich Avenue, Goshen, NY 10924.

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