Thursday, May 28, 2015

Encore! Encore!

The audience has spoken.
They have seen a triumph deluxe!
Haven’t you heard?
The Shades Repertory Theater in Haverstraw has invited us back for another performance of
“Broadway on the Hudson”
to be held May 29-30 at 8pm
Experience “Broadway on the Hudson” as two not-for-profits, The Academy of Film, Television, and Stage Performing Arts and Shades Repertory Theater in Haverstraw join forces for an unforgettable, unparalleled experience with Hudson Valley actors that include, BD Anthony, Sean O’Brien, Nann Gill and David Patrick Wilson.
Witness their craft at Shades 64 New Main Street in Haverstraw. Previews will include scenes from, “Death of a Salesman”, “Status Quo Vadis”, “Midnight Cowboy”, “The Usual Suspects”, “MacBeth” and more.
These previews are to ready the actors for their performance in Manhattan before talent and casting agents and to benefit Shades Repertory Theater and AFTPSA. The theater boasts a beautiful 85-seat theater auditorium and catering facility capable of providing full food service. Shades trains young aspiring actors and has held events such as Haverstraw’s own version of “American Idol”.
Donations to the theater will be accepted at the door. Suggested donation $10.
Join us on May 29-30 at 8pm for an evening of captivating theater, fun for all and all for fun!
AFTSPA is a 501c3 not-for-profit corporation that trains and develops local talent to fulfill the growing demand for skilled workers in the entertainment and media industry for the imminent boom that is coming to the Hudson Valley.
AFTSPA strives to create not only opportunities for their students but also to create opportunities where their talent can be used in a way to produce positive results in the community at large.
For more information please contact AFTSPA at (845) 294-8444 or visit our website at