Thursday, December 27, 2012

Willy Gilly vs. The System!

We trust that everyone had a joyous Christmas, or whatever holiday you celebrate this time of year! Santa paid us a visit, while we have been slugging it out with the federal bureaucracy. Once again, our government has proven (to us, at least) how truly inept and unmanageable it really is.

In these days of good tidings and seasonal blessings, we are confronted daily by Fiscal Cliff and his horde of hooligans on the Hill! Somehow, that all seems so ridiculously unreal when you consider that people are starving, freezing and dying as a result of excessive mismanagement. But you haven't heard anything yet!

We have spent the better part of this day fighting it out with the bureaucracy over payments we made to the Department of Education that were nullified by a so-called "computer glitch", allowing the federal government to invalidate our deal agreement. Not only did they steal our payment, but they double-dipped from our tax return! Wait! Don't blame the DoE; Uncle Sam now has a new excuse: something (we guess it's a thing) they call The System! The System is not Republicans or Democrats or federal workers (and God bless them all)'s The System that's at fault, and the computers that run it! It's not enough that we were deprived of money that was guaranteed to us as taxpayers in good standing, we are now subject to abuses of power inflicted upon us by The System!

However, we are not alone! Apparently this glitch has perpetrated the same criminal activity on millions of American taxpayers, and while the feds can tell you that there was a glitch, they can't tell you when it was, nor has anyone ever mentioned that it was, and they can't tell us when this horrific injustice will be rectified! Oh, well! Just throw that (b)log on the fire with the banking industry, the automotive industry, the mortgage business and real estate in general. Can there be any wonder why America is burning? If it were just the government that was guilty of these egregious practices, it might be rectified in a century or so. But, unfortunately, it has become endemic, not just in The System, but in the population at large. It seems that following our country's lead, we are all headed for Hell in a hand basket! (Who's got the chicken?) What a way to end the year!

There's one question that stands out for us in all of this: Doesn't anyone get to pay the price for what it has cost America, or are the only people the courts sent to jail are people of colour or poverty? It sure ain't white men wearing white shirts and campaign buttons!

Then again, there are no political solutions; if this sounds like revolution, it is: read the Constitution! It is time for us to stop blaming everyone else and take responsibility for allowing this kind of thing to happen. Fresh from the elections, we offer this solution: by the next presidential election, nobody vote. That will eliminate the presidency, one-third of the Senate and the entire House of Representatives, savings us hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars and leaving the actual jurisdiction squarely on the shoulders on those who have already usurped most of the power in this nation: the Supreme Court! If that doesn't sound like a solution to you...think about it! Maybe a term under their jurisdiction will wake this country up! What happens after that, only God knows! Oops! They have already taken Him out of the equation! Good luck, America...we're gonna need it!


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Brady's bunch!

At today's Rotary meeting, Rory Brady, village trustee, spoke of his experiences in South Africa at a 'moot court' competition some years back. He was one of the few Americans in the competition; it was quite interesting to hear about the work that he did with young men of color as they struggled with tribal customs related to their manhood, customs that required procedures in adolescence that were undesired by them, leading to their alienation from their families and community.(OY VEY! THAT HOITS!)

It was fascinating and dismaying to think that such punitive practices still exist on this planet, even though medical evidence says the procedure in question actually results in a lower incidence of cancer in older men. We were very impressed at Mr. Brady's interest in helping these men to raise their self-esteem and improve their social standing by participating in a charity called Kidz Care, a non-profit dedicated to rehabilitating such outcasts. We will be meeting with Rory to discuss the possibility of exploring his experiences as a feature film.

We are talking with Jake Ehrenreich ("A Jew Grows in Brooklyn") about the working with him to secure a facility for our upcoming stage production! We will be meeting with him next week to formalize the deal and hope to open on schedule early in the spring. Stay tuned!

On the "Chasing G" front, we are close to cutting the final version of the pilot, and we hope to move forward with the cable and broadcast networks with whom we are negotiating! (And be sure to tune into "Chasing G LIVE" tomorrow at noon on WTBQ, AM 1110 and 93.5 FM!)

In the meantime, we are involved in a Christmas project that has turned into a major development! We have discovered in our midst a young dynamo, sure to be among the great voices in the near future! This fourteen-year-old will soon be recognized as a powerhouse in the entertainment industry. Smart, pretty, can count on this assessment as being on the money! (And we mean literally!)

Finally, MaxforManagement has signed Beki Brindle-Scala to a management contract! This red hot blues mama is an American treasure: a virtuoso guitarist and vocalist, she could bury Bonnie Raitt standing up! More from her coming soon!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

On Chorales and Connecticut

On Sunday, we went to see the Classic Chorale Society and their 53rd Annual Winter Concert in Blooming Grove. They played a marvelous selection, with a full choir and a 31-piece orchestra. It was fantastic! They will be performing once more at the Presbyterian Church in Goshen this coming Saturday night at 7:00pm! Our suggestion is that you get there early, as it will be packed! The Chorale operates from dues paid by members and donations from the public, which go to pay for the orchestra and the operation of the organization. It is well worth whatever you dip into your pocket to give!

On a more somber note, we, like many Americans, have been trying to process the horror that came out of Connecticut on Friday. That includes sorting out the sparse information regarding the perpetrator and the actual event. Authorities have been slow to disseminate much of value; however, we have it on the highest authority that a major contributing factor was "first-person shooter" video games. These games, which now totally dominate the marketplace, were created initially as training tools for the military; unfortunately, in the wrong hands, a glitch can occur in the interface between that which is real and that which is imaginary. When other elements go uncontrolled, they can conspire to produce such horrific events; elements such as prescription medications, lack of proper supervision, mental illness, and, of course, what we call "Mom's guns". All of these things create the perfect storm, from which is born the unimaginable disaster. Stay tuned,'s not going to get better before it gets a lot worse!

We must all take responsibility for what has happened and be responsible, to ensure it doesn't happen again. We must take appropriate steps to review these forms of "entertainment" that our young people (far too young) spend their days with as baby-sitters in lieu of proper parental guidance. We are, in fact, computers ourselves, and when the algorithms that control these games connect with our young people's brains, we must make sure that there are no other additives to the equation that can distort the perceptions of the user to the point of what occurred last Friday. Just as individuals should never operate heavy machinery while under the influence of drugs, they should never participate in the video games that puts them in a threatening environment, opposing other humans and humanoids (such as zombies). Such people run the risk of acting out in the real world what they experience in the game. We must be better stewards of our children, brothers and sisters who suffer from extreme mental illness and require such radical drug therapy, and yet we allow them to participate in games that feed into their illness. We'd like to hear your opinion on this issue...please leave a comment!

Meanwhile, we are getting close to a cable network deal on "Chasing G"! We expect to close before the end of the year and be onscreen (in a home near yours) in January!

We're also looking to make an announcement soon on our stage production; we are still looking for a stage to present this performance, and we are meeting with several venues in the area. It is our desire to perform here in Orange County, then move the show off-Broadway for a spring opening!

On "A Hustler's Life", we continue casting: Michael Pare (Eddie and the Cruisers) is definitely on board; he will play either 'Clyde' or 'Leonard'. Beki Brindle-Scala (who will play 'Margaret', Mick's mother) delivered a phenomenal blues guitar and vocal performance at the Cornerstone Alliance in Goshen Saturday night, as part of their ongoing music series, hosted by WTBQ's John Stein. Both John and Beki will be appearing in our forthcoming stage production as well!

Friday, December 14, 2012

From Brooklyn to Goshen!

Yesterday, we met with Jake Eisenreich, creator and star of the play "A Jew Grows In Brooklyn"! The show, which has played all over the country, is now on a holiday break, but will return soon to its home on West 46th Street in Manhattan: the old High School for the Performing Arts theatre! A musician and singer, as well as a playwright/actor, Jake is one of the most genuine people we've had the good fortune to meet. (Thanks go to our stage manager Lisa Brodsky, for bringing him into our office!)

Next week, we will have the full announcement on the play Willy Gilly is presenting, just in time for a blessed Christmas!

Also, Joey "Boxes" Becchinelli did a bang-up job pinch-hitting for Gary Corts on today's edition of "Chasing G LIVE" at WTBQ (AM 1110, 93.5 FM,!

We are sorting it all out on "36 Hours", and we will know more about where we are headed in very short order. Stay tuned!

"A Hustler's Life" continues to gather steam! New names keep popping up on the horizon, and we are in the process of contacting their agents for their suitability and availability!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dial R for Rotary!

Today, we attended the Goshen Rotary Club's weekly meeting, where we heard from Elise Gold and Doris Rubinsky of Jewish Family Service of Orange County! Elise and Doris discussed their many community services, which include a food stamp outreach, Friendly Visitor program, Yela Deinu (Our Children) and outreaches to LGBTQ and adults with disabilities. Partnering with a number of organizations, they provide assistance, relief, and education programs to the entire community (not just Jewish people); their scope also includes the aged, especially individuals who are economically challenged.

The partners include the Jewish Federation, the United Way, Orange County System of Care, Food Help New York, St. Luke's Cornwall Hospital and the Orange County Office of the Aging. Funding comes from private sources and foundations (such as the Bratt Foundation and the Dyson Foundation), and they are always looking for volunteers (they employ more than 300!) For more information, contact them at or call (845) 341-1173!

On another front, we are preparing "Chasing G" for a pitch to the History Channel, re-editing a short piece and adding an interview which will be on the website early next week, preceding a meeting with the principals at the network!

We continue to move forward with our pre-production plans for "A Hustler's Life" and our 2013-14 slate of films!

And don't forget to mark February 9th on your calendar! That will be Willy Gilly night at the Beacon Film Festival! The feature presentation will be "Collar", along with a series of new film shorts from Willy Gilly and associates, plus a Q-and-A session to follow! Kim Elizabeth, director of the festival, says she is "beyond excited to have Willy Gilly participating at The Beacon, and there is excitement already generated!"

Last night's 12.12.12 concert was one the most incredible events in our memory! It's got to be the first time in history that members of the Beatles, Rolling Stones, the Who and Pink Floyd appeared together on one stage, not to mention a guy they call The Boss and his friends: Bon Jovi, Billy Joel, and many more! Most outstanding were the stories of the many 'ordinary heroes' of Hurricane Sandy as dozens of celebs manned the phones during the five-hour spectacular! To donate, go to the 12.12.12 website! We should, too! Hats off to all!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Triple twelves!

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Funding is expected any day now for a full slate of feature films for 2013-14! According to those at the source of the funding, all that remains is to sort out some of the technicalities and logistical necessities for bringing it into Willy Gilly's accounts! We look forward to closure before the holidays, and we believe that we will begin pre-production right after the first of the year. First up, "A Hustler's Life" should be lensing in Puerto Rico in late January, before moving to Orange County. "AHL" will be followed in the spring by "Shadow's Serenade", "The Craven" and "The Big Ride" in the summer of 2013 and "Rachel's Army" (also to be shot in Puerto Rico), in the fall of next year. 2014 will see the release of "AHL", and two more features will be shot: action/thriller "Driving Marilyn Home" and "Donovan", the story of "Professor" Mike Donovan, America's first world middleweight boxing champion!

Of course, the first order of business in all this will be to finally get "Collar" in theatres across the country! After a disastrous 2012, in which excuses (the presidential election and the "fiscal cliff") took precedence over action (funding and investing), we are looking forward to getting back to the business of doing business...and there's no business like show business!

Speaking of show business, here's a talent alert! We've got the next great voice right here in Orange County...not to say there haven't been others (such as Jermaine Paul of Harriman, winner of this year's The Voice). 14-year-old Maddie Treflethen is currently working with us on her demos that will put her in front of the public sometime early next year. Take it from us, she's the real deal!

And don't forget: coming up February 7-10, it's the Beacon Film Festival in Beacon, New York, featuring "Collar" and a series of brand new film shorts from Willy Gilly and associates (including several by actor/writer/director Christian Frahme)! If you'd like to have us sponsor one of your film shorts, contact us at at your earlier convenience (but no later than January 1st).

That's all for now, at ya later!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Buzzing in the Beahive!

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Saturday night, we went to the Beahive in Beacon, NY for Rethink Local, a not-for-profit organization designed to support local businesses. Attending were numerous artists, musicians and others dedicated to the ideals of shopping, and buying, local! Among the activities was a silent auction. The place was packed, and a great time was had by all!

On the "Chasing G" front, we continue to go all out in marketing the TV series! We are in contact with several West Coast outlets, and we are getting very favorable responses; however, only time will tell who gets to air the show. Stay tuned!

On "A Hustler's Life" a couple of new names have popped up on the wish list: Samuel L. Jackson for the role of Johnny and Olivier Hernandez as Raoul (although our first preference is sill Jamie Santana, co-star of "Collar")!

Meanwhile, we continue to rehearse our be announced Friday, come hell, high water or hurricane! See you tomorrow!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Amen, amen!

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Today, we met with world-renowned bassist Chris Sullivan (Cornerstone Alliance) and ethnomusicologist Carolyn Tippin (St. James Church in Goshen) to begin planning an MLK Day concert: "Tell It On The Mountain: The Kingdom Now". The event will be held Sunday, January 20, 2013 at St. James. All are invited to attend a gospel concert that will combine choral members from several area churches and some special guest stars in a celebration of the birth of a great American hero. The repertoire will include traditional gospel and contemporary compositions of such artists as Paul Simon, Edwin Starr, James Taylor, Billy Joel and others! You don't want to miss this show! A sponsored event, admission will be free (donation requested). All those interested in sponsoring should contact Willy Gilly at (845) 294-7500.

"Chasing G LIVE" was quite a hoot at WTBQ today as Gary Corts declared a commitment to making the Warwick radio station "the place to be at Fridays at noon!" Every show will feature giveaways and outrageous guests! Turn your dial to AM 1110 or 93.5 FM to catch the next installment, or go to, or to catch up on previous episodes!

We are still looking for a venue for our benefit for Hurricane Sandy first responders, but expect to announce a time and a place by next Friday! Likewise with the stage production still in rehearsal (which will remain unnamed until we secure the venue); we expect to have that announcement in the same time frame.

In the meantime, have a great weekend, and check back here on Monday!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bob Larkin needs YOU!

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Our close friend Bob Larkin has endured incredible hardship with the health problems of his wife, Fran, who suffers from multiple forms of cancer. Bob, who designed the artwork for "Collar", is best known for his Marvel comic book covers. We were appalled to discover that his own children have confiscated his complete private collection of his works and disposed of them, in a fashion that even Bob is not aware of. Apparently, they are selling his house, fearful that they would lose it to her medical expenses. We are calling on everybody who knows Bob to step forward and help rectify this awful situation. Please contact us through this blog, or on Facebook. Help us help Bob and Fran!

On the lighter side, "A Hustler's Life" is moving forward, and the shopping list of talents is growing! Among those being considered for the part of Mick is Penn Badgeley ("Gossip Girl"), Ryan Phillippe ("The Lincoln Lawyer") and Jake Gyllenhaal ("End of Watch", "Source Code"). Along with this illustrious group, the producers are extremely interested in Lindsay Lohan for the role of Amanda. Other possibilities include Emma Stone ("The Amazing Spider-Man") and Amanda Bynes ("Easy A").

We are happy to announce that our student and client, Sean O'Brien is being fitted today for wardrobe in the upcoming Marin Scorsese film, "Wolf of Wall Street"! Congratulations, Sean!

After receiving some very positive feedback from our TV network connections, we are re-editing the pilot of "Chasing G" to include new footage and moving ahead with the development of new episodes for production after the first of the year! We'd love to accompany Gary Corts on an upcoming vacation...but right now, that's not in the budget! We'll keep you posted!

Also, we are patiently awaiting our final funding for the slate of films (six of them) that has been tentatively approved. The full package includes "Shadow's Serenade", "A Hustler's Life", "Six Weeks Alive", "Rachel's Army", "Donovan" and "Driving Marilyn Home". All are to be shot in New York (or the lower 48) and Puerto Rico over the next two years! All that remains is for us to establish proper placement of the funding.

Next, stay tuned for our announcement on our stage production, location and schedule tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The scramble is on!

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Our sources at ABC have made their move for "Chasing G"! If that sounds poetic, it's music to our ears as well! That means there is serious interest coming from that quarter; but move over Mickey Mouse, that's just the starts the feeding frenzy! We are getting nibbles from numerous entities seeking content that is compelling and charismatic, which is what "Chasing G" is all about! We are looking forward to expanding the scope of our programming to include another five episodes as soon as we can sort out who the key players will be (networks, sponsors, etc.) and decide what behind-the-scenes drama will take precedence as we go forward. There are some very poignant situations developing that will surely shape the future of this program. In the meantime, you can keep up with all the action of "Chasing G" at and, or! We are all one big happy family!

Yesterday, we spoke with Michael Paré (Eddie and the Cruisers, Streets of Fire, The Lincoln Lawyer) about the possibility of him playing Clyde in "A Hustler's Life", the story of a professional gambler and the Big Game (bigger than the World Series of Poker!) that involves the top ten players in the world in a very private event! Slated to go before the camera this winter, the producers are looking at Puerto Rico and New York as primary locations for filming. Meanwhile, we are working out the deal for the major funding, which has been made available by a global trust. We are seeking to establish an EU relationship that will assist us in administering the fund to finance five other films along with AHL!

On "Collar", we are also waiting on the funding to enable us to implement our independent distribution program to about 200 theatres in 20 cities. We expect the film's rollout to be accompanied by the release of "Collar" the novel!

Also, we continue to rehearse a theatrical production, which must remain unnamed due to lack of a venue; however, the producers are very happy with the progress of the production itself and believe that they will have definite information before the holidays to where and when this play with be seen! We anticipate an early spring opening. (All of the talent is local!)

Finally, Acting Anyone Academy is offering private Meisner classes to individuals interested in perfecting their craft, along with Seth Riggs (American Idol) speech-level singing classes! Call our office at (845) 294-7500 to make arrangements for a core series or gift certificates for those special people on your list whom you want to bless for the holidays!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Sturr crazy!

Make a difference in the world by helping us create the highest quality entertainment! Check out our Indie Go Go campaign TODAY at!

This past weekend, we went to see The Jimmy Sturr Christmas Show at the Paramount Theatre in Middletown, NY. We joined former Congressman Ben Gilman and his lovely wife Georgia, and a group of other friends in celebrating the holiday spirit in truly great fashion! The band was hot, the house was packed, and a great time was had by all! Afterwards, we joined some of the revellers, including Jimmy and his group, for dinner at Limoncello's in Goshen! The food was great! It was a phenomenal day all the way around! Also, we will be getting together with Jimmy in the very near future to discuss some new program possibilities; in the meantime, you can catch him on WTBQ radio and RFD-TV!

In "Chasing G!" news, we will soon begin posting videos of the radio show, "Chasing G! LIVE", to the web! You can see the rough cut of the TV pilot at, and you can meet the guys in the shop OnGSpot at!

We spent Saturday morning at the ashram in Chester with Raj Gulati, creator and executive producer of "36 Hours". We were doubly blessed to be in the presence of Amma G, a beacon of wisdom for all who seek truth and God's love. Bless you, Amma. We were treated to an Indian lunch beyond description. YUMMMMMM! Meanwhile, we await the outcome of impending meetings to be held in January in Mumbai. These meetings are intended to provide the funding and much of the casting of the supporting roles in the feature, to be shot here in Orange County and in New York City. American casting has been put on hold until the numbers come back from the foreign partners.

In the interim, Willy Gilly has edged closer to full funding of its slate of features for both 2013 and 2014. After a very disappointing 2012 in which the election was blamed on much inactivity in the financing arena, now it seems 'Fiscal Cliff' (Whoever that is!?) is singing the same song out of Washington that has Wall Street marching to a funeral dirge. Thank God we are not part of the 'doomsday brigade' that has apparently laid siege to our capitol... and our capital! Next thing is what? Osama's ghost!!!

On another front, "Captain Science" will soon be up on YouTube and Willy Gilly's Facebook page, starting next week... We'd love for parents and students to be our online focus group! Let us know what you think about what you see, and what you'd like to see next! We'd also like to know what kind of educational programming you watch now (public TV, Animal Planet, NatGeo, etc.)!

We will be talking this week with Middletown Cinemas concerning a theatre for our showing of "Collar", to benefit first responder victims of Hurricane Sandy. We are expecting to have the benefit soon, so please stay tuned! They need our help and our prayers!