Monday, August 7, 2017

Hollywood Boogaloo Boo Hoo, boo!

At first, when you check the 'really fake news' at the link below, you might be alarmed to hear that the industry of Broadcast & Entertainment (B&E), which includes distribution is looking at a "down year." What a joke!
If you're looking at theatrical releases, you may see a slight contraction resulting in a 'miniscule' adjustment. You might conclude that I must be kidding! After all, a $1.6 billion loss sounds like a lot of money and, in fact, in the 'real world,' it is.
But, in the 'unreal world' of B&E, it isn't even a hiccup! This year, by most estimates, including all of the major analysts on 'the Street,' the B&E sector will pass $2.3 Trillion dollars in gross revenues, that "loss" equals .0007 percent! That's James Bond divided by 10! In other words, 'killer' numbers! RIGHT! 
We are talking a speck of FLY$#/+ on a side of beef! All that crap that they're pumping is about a set up for the top dogs (Wanda Corp. Owner, Wan Jianlin and his CEO at AMC) looking to make a stock grab from a sell-off resulting from the article. Let's talk about a REAL 'fake news' street fix. 
These corporate 'insiders' know that one bad season a major opportunity makes. They can pick up many millions in 'cab fare' by such a move. By 'cab fare,' we mean SEVERAL HUNDRED MILLIONS OF DOLLARS! Talk about 'Grand Larceny' and 'white collar' crime.  
They also know that the financial sector of which we are speaking has OUTPERFORMED EVERY OTHER FINANCIAL SECTOR ON WALL STREET OVER THE PAST 5 YEARS. IT HAS GROWN AN UNBELIEVABLE 140% OVER THAT PERIOD, according to WSJ data (Feb. 2017). The U.S. controls 3/4 of all that business (down from 80% a few short years ago.) 
Ever since Sen. Joe McCarthy was stupid enough to try and take down Hollywood on behalf of our First American Queen, J. Edgar Hoover, it has enjoyed a 'laissez faire' relationship with Washington. "Tinseltown" has always sworn to take care of its own. At least, that's the way it was while Jack Valenti was riding shotgun in D.C. I was here when Jimmy Carter closed up those big, fraudulent, multiple tax break 'loopholes' in 1978. 
Then again, it was pretty much a fledgling, All-American, cow town in those days. It was that way right up until Murdoch grabbed Fox, Sony snatched Columbia and Mitsubishi, (then Vivendi) rolled Universal. Lots of cash changing greasy little hands in those deals. 
Since then, all these 'ferrenners' have been taking over as much of American showbiz as the SEC will let them. We ought to take a closer "look see" at who is 'cutting up the pie' these days and exactly how they're doing it. We may need to get on that before B&E becomes the next 'major manufscturing industry in the U.S. to flee to foreign soil.
BTW: Have you noticed how many commercials are being shot in China these days?! They have turned that corner and are unabashed in their efforts to put the label, "Made in China" on a big chunk of American advertising product. Remember what happened in Detroit in the '60s when GM, Ford and Chrysler controlled 80% of the automobile market. That hum your hearing in Hollywood's background isn't a Honda... it's a Wanda! 😎§ion=Economy&keywords=hollywood-stock-collapse-movies&year=2017&month=08&date=04&id=805790&aliaspath=%2FFinance%2FArticle%2FFinance-ArticleTemplate&

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

"SPECIAL 1Act Play" at The Hudson Guild Theater in Manhattan!


EWE is pleased to announce that Nann Gill, Host of the TV show "Empowering Women Everywhere" has been cast as a lead in Swordfish Production's award winning 1 Act play, "SPECIAL" by Ann P. Meredith which will be a part of the awesome NYSUMMERFEST's New York Theatre Festival at The Hudson Guild Theatre, 441 West 26th Street (between 9th and 10th Avenue), NYC 10001 with Performances on August 3rd a@ 9:00pm, 4th @ 6:15pm and 6th @ 8:30pm.  
"SPECIAL 1ActPlay" is a Labor of Love and Passion and speaks to so many who have been raped, are being raped and will be raped...
"SPECIAL" is also a dramatic motion picture feature film project.  For more information contact Swordfish Productions 310.456. 4184.
ANN P MEREDITH is an internationally acclaimed Writer Director Producer Cinematographer Fine Art Photographer Performance & Installation Artist - Born in Hot Springs, Arkansas Ann is a survivor of incest, rape family violence, date rape, military experimentation, torture, interrogation and sexual assault. Ann’s vision for her life’s work has been to utilize Art, The Written and Spoken Word to help give a realistic and compassionate face and voice to those who have been injured, marginalized, neglected, persecuted, under-recognized and therefore, underserved. Ann’s work is in the Smithsonian, The Library of Congress, The Schlesinger at Harvard and the UCLA Film & Television Archives in Hollywood.
Now is the time to join together and address the pandemic that is destroying young women and their assailants every day.  It is NOT okay!
Join us now and raise your voice.  Together we can make a difference.  Our Go Fund Me Campaign is at
Tickets can be purchased at
"Empowering Women Everywhere" is a TV show that highlights women that are working together to make a difference.  We air on Spectrum on Fridays, Channel 23 at 7:30 am and 7:30 pm; on MNN on Saturdays, Channel 5 at 1pm and on the web 24/7. Learn what your sisters are doing and join in. Basic Membership is FREE! If you are or you know of someone who should be on our show, please give us a call at 845.294.7500 or fill out the form on our website
Find Help Where You Live - National Sexual Assault HELP LINE- RAINN at 800.656.4673


Saturday, June 10, 2017


Left to Right:  Nann Gill, Brian Nieves and David Patrick Wilson



We are looking for final answers to the marketing mystery.  What works?  Pick the movie poster you like for the motion picture "Collar" from the 6 choices on our website and you will have the opportunity to win $100.00.
In our first go round, Brian Nieves of Florida NY was our winning contributor, receiving a $100 check for his contribution.  Which poster do you like?
We offer to you the very same opportunity! 
"Collar" is the award winning feature film produced by Willy-Gilly Productions, Inc. of Goshen, NY and shot entirely in the Hudson Valley.  To quote Marianne Donnelly in her Las Vegas Tribune review,
“Collar,” written, produced and directed by David P. Wilson, was a deeply moving, authentically portrayed story, based on true incidents...Marianne Donnelly Las Vegas Tribune
Join us as we reach out the American People to reveal truth, restore faith and revive the American Spirit of equality and integrity in these difficult times.  Basic membership is free and you receive a free download of the new hit "House of Love" sung by Tedi Wilson.

Friday, June 2, 2017

THE TRUTH WILL OUT "A Deeply Moving, Authentically Portrayed Story" Las Vegas Tribune

At High Desert International Film Festival with our friends who produced the movie "Gufors" 
left to right:
David Patrick Wilson, Susan Wheeler, Bob Gericke, Nan Gill-Wilson and Fred Paskiewicz

"A Deeply Moving, Authentically Portrayed Story"  Las Vegas Tribune

We live in an age of instant communication that invites a constant barrage of information that assaults the senses and often numbs our Human sensibility.  Our current President is perhaps the most violent  and certainly the most prolific offender of this abuse of privilege regarding what we see and hear. I call it "an offense" because it is truly a privilege and not a human right.  ,
In these times, it is self-evident that Truth can become obscured by the sheer volume of thoughts and opinions expressed publicly by all.  That in mind, it is easy to minimize the importance of some things that must be said, that cannot be swept aside any longer.  Among others such as War, Poverty, Disease and Corruption is' the truth' about the racial divide between our citizens of color and the authorities that we have empowered to protect and defend us All and recent events that have so clearly defined that chasm. 
This past week we (Willy-Gilly Productions) participated in a film festival with our independent, feature film, "Collar." We have now been 7 years in the process of finding a market, simply because the custodians of the cultural landscape (namely movie studios, broadcast and cable networks) have been, at best, indifferent and mostly unwilling to confront the issues for any other reason than to self-aggrandize their own coverage, hawk their advertisers products and shamelessly exploit the American commercial marketplace.
For some years now, we have been engaged  in completing, testing and promoting our film, which has ALWAYS received overwhelmingly positive response from the public, even as we have been 'stonewalled' by the industry.  In the years that we have been seeking adequate outlets to provide the general public with some truth about these issues, we have learned that the corporate media agenda does not only include a suppression of truth, but an outright obstruction of fact.
Once again, now in its final version, our film has found its mark.  While our purpose was not to win awards, we have been rewarded with a reinforcement of our honestly creative vision. The Las Vegas Tribune (the first media of any kind to view "Collar") reviewed our film, which was seen by the largest audience to attend the High Desert International Film Festival (HDIFF) and their representative wrote the following:
“Collar,” written, produced and directed by David P. Wilson, was a deeply moving, authentically portrayed story, based on true incidents, about a “good guy” detective at the end of his career, who makes a tough choice, split-second decision in the midst of a murder suspect chase and shoots a “well loved in the community” young black man. The ensuing devastation all-around rings true. A touchy subject handled with equanimity, this film serves as a platform for community healing when viewed and discussed. --Marianne Donnelly Las Vegas Tribune
Marianne's insight and perceptions of this film are exactly what was intended from the beginning, to create an awareness and open the channel for sincere investigation of our deepest thoughts about those who do not look like us, regardless of which "us" we may be.  We will continue to carry this fight for as long as it takes to expose these social scars, treat our damaged souls and heal this wounded nation.  See you at the movies... If you would like us to exhibit at a theater near you, please contact us and we will do what we can to make that happen, SOON. Peace.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

"Collar" Goes Cowboy!

Willy-Gilly Productions announces entry in
2017 High Desert International Film Festival (HDIFF)
“Collar” Goes Cowboy!
Goshen, NY… Willy-Gilly Productions, Inc. has confirmed their full-length motion picture, “COLLAR” will be a featured entry in the 11th Annual High Desert International Film Festival (HDIFF) to be held, once again, this year at The Pahrump Nugget Hotel and Casino in Pahrump, NV. 
Circle these dates on your calendar May 26-29, 2017. You don’t want to miss this year’s festivities, especially the screening of “Collar” on Sunday afternoon, the closing day, right before the awards banquet.
(Check the schedule on Facebook for the exact time and location of the screening.)
This festival showing comes slightly in advance of the long-awaited ‘limited’ release of the film, starring Tom Sizemore, David Patrick Wilson, Rebecca De Mornay, Richard Roundtree and a brilliant ensemble cast, slated for later this summer in select theaters throughout the U.S.
The much acclaimed, highly controversial, action-packed police drama deals with a veteran detective’s shooting of a young black man, a local hero in a small city in upstate New York. The story could have been ripped from the ‘front pages’ of dozens of newspapers in similar cities across the country over the past few years. It addresses a whole array of crucial issues currently plaguing America’s social landscape and the challenges of law enforcement in these troubled times.
Several members of the cast and crew will attend the screening, including Executive Producer, Nan Gill-Wilson, Actor/Writer/Director, David Patrick Wilson.
For more information on upcoming classes and projects, please contact them directly at (845)-294-7500 or
# # #
Left to Right

Tom Sizemore, David Patrick Wilson, Rebecca De Mornay, Richard Roundtree, Nan Gill-Wilson, Jaime Santana

Friday, May 12, 2017

The Big Red Machine

It is an amazing irony to me that, in this the year marking the 100th Anniversary of the Russian Revolution, I have heard precious little about what was, beyond a shadow of a doubt, one the most important events of the 20th century.  

The fact that the Russian Tsar had committed to enter WWI against Kaiser Wilhelm's Germany could have significantly shortened that nightmare. With the assassination of Nicholas, the troops bound for the Eastern Front, dropped their weapons 'en masse' and returned to Mother Russia to face there own horrors that lasted until 1989.

Now, they have to live with the ghosts of Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky, Khruschev and the rest, who must stalk the halls of the Kremlin shaking their heads and wondering where it went so wrong. They should be aghast at how the current brand of 'oligarchic capitalism' could have routed the 'supreme soviet socialism' that they preached. 

Moreover, my guess is that they would have abhorred the 'Little Czar' Putin with his 'Brooklyn thug' swagger and his 'macho' manners. But, that being said, they would probably admire his aggressive, brutal 'reunification' efforts, his unapologetic slaughter of the innocent and his inroads into destroying the confidence of All Americans by acquiring 'friends in high places,' through his use of his recently successfully tested 'cyber-weapons.'

The really tragic irony is that, "Prince Vlad" has amplified his own importance by assisting the installation of someone in the White House, the like of whom has not been experienced since Stalin sealed his Berlin bunker in 1945 with his charred remains in it.

For a man weaned on the Socialist ideal, it must be at least somewhat daunting that he has unleashed another Fascist on the World. Stay tuned for the showdown, Amerika! It IS coming. Zeig heil, Vladdy!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Making The Moment Count


There is only one great experience in this life and that is feeling the full impact of any and every given moment.  We live, by-in-large, in the ardent pursuit of things that take us far afield from that which is occurring right where we are at this very second.

In Life, it may be possible to spend all of your time in anticipation of a desired result.  You may even find that to be somehow pleasurable. But, unless we are open to exactly what is happening each and every second of every day, we are missing thousands of opportunities to rejoice in all that is here to be experienced, right now!

We all have dreams and desires.  We all have wants and needs.  We all share the perception from time to time that they are what is important.  There is no doubt that our experience is shaped by those elements to some degree and that what keeps us on purpose, our commitments, are a large factor in determining the emotional outcome. Make no mistake, they have a tremendous bearing on them. They are, however, only peripheral to this and every subsequent moment, hereafter.

To be Present is Everything!  It is the difference between Life and Death, waking and sleeping, Being and existing.  It is truly the Gift that God has given us ALL, of which we must constantly be reminded. Without it, we miss the most glorious things in life.  Love, Joy, Peace, Prosperity, Abundance. These are not 'quantifiable,' or at least should not be because they can all be experienced in every moment, not like data, but as parts of 'a life of Quality.'. It is a choice ONLY if you are free enough to give yourself over to Living the Moment, regardless of Any circumstance, irrespective of the outcome.

What do you choose this day?  How will you experience all that life holds for you?  Can you truly say that you are thankful for each and every moment?  If you cannot own this simple idea, we suggest that you find an infant and watch them experience all that you have forgotten.  Perhaps then you will remember this moment.  Too late..... 😎