Friday, June 2, 2017

THE TRUTH WILL OUT "A Deeply Moving, Authentically Portrayed Story" Las Vegas Tribune

At High Desert International Film Festival with our friends who produced the movie "Gufors" 
left to right:
David Patrick Wilson, Susan Wheeler, Bob Gericke, Nan Gill-Wilson and Fred Paskiewicz

"A Deeply Moving, Authentically Portrayed Story"  Las Vegas Tribune

We live in an age of instant communication that invites a constant barrage of information that assaults the senses and often numbs our Human sensibility.  Our current President is perhaps the most violent  and certainly the most prolific offender of this abuse of privilege regarding what we see and hear. I call it "an offense" because it is truly a privilege and not a human right.  ,
In these times, it is self-evident that Truth can become obscured by the sheer volume of thoughts and opinions expressed publicly by all.  That in mind, it is easy to minimize the importance of some things that must be said, that cannot be swept aside any longer.  Among others such as War, Poverty, Disease and Corruption is' the truth' about the racial divide between our citizens of color and the authorities that we have empowered to protect and defend us All and recent events that have so clearly defined that chasm. 
This past week we (Willy-Gilly Productions) participated in a film festival with our independent, feature film, "Collar." We have now been 7 years in the process of finding a market, simply because the custodians of the cultural landscape (namely movie studios, broadcast and cable networks) have been, at best, indifferent and mostly unwilling to confront the issues for any other reason than to self-aggrandize their own coverage, hawk their advertisers products and shamelessly exploit the American commercial marketplace.
For some years now, we have been engaged  in completing, testing and promoting our film, which has ALWAYS received overwhelmingly positive response from the public, even as we have been 'stonewalled' by the industry.  In the years that we have been seeking adequate outlets to provide the general public with some truth about these issues, we have learned that the corporate media agenda does not only include a suppression of truth, but an outright obstruction of fact.
Once again, now in its final version, our film has found its mark.  While our purpose was not to win awards, we have been rewarded with a reinforcement of our honestly creative vision. The Las Vegas Tribune (the first media of any kind to view "Collar") reviewed our film, which was seen by the largest audience to attend the High Desert International Film Festival (HDIFF) and their representative wrote the following:
“Collar,” written, produced and directed by David P. Wilson, was a deeply moving, authentically portrayed story, based on true incidents, about a “good guy” detective at the end of his career, who makes a tough choice, split-second decision in the midst of a murder suspect chase and shoots a “well loved in the community” young black man. The ensuing devastation all-around rings true. A touchy subject handled with equanimity, this film serves as a platform for community healing when viewed and discussed. --Marianne Donnelly Las Vegas Tribune
Marianne's insight and perceptions of this film are exactly what was intended from the beginning, to create an awareness and open the channel for sincere investigation of our deepest thoughts about those who do not look like us, regardless of which "us" we may be.  We will continue to carry this fight for as long as it takes to expose these social scars, treat our damaged souls and heal this wounded nation.  See you at the movies... If you would like us to exhibit at a theater near you, please contact us and we will do what we can to make that happen, SOON. Peace.

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