Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Willy Gilly goes rogue!

Tired of the Hollywood Shuffle and the Big-Screen Boogaloo, Willy Gilly Productions, the makers of the award-winning film "Collar", is going rogue!

Right now, the staff at Willy Gilly is pulling together a campaign to develop and exploit distribution throughout the United States and beyond. Much the same way as the films "The Blair Witch Project" and "Paranormal Activities" built their campaigns without the assistance of Hollywood's brain(less) trust, Willy Gilly will use a similar campaign for "Collar.

David Wilson, co-owner of Willy Gilly, devised the campaign that Artisan Entertainment used in its breakthrough distribution of "Blair Witch" back in 1999. More recently, the plan was revived by Paramount Studios in support of another horror film, "Paranormal Activities". Both micro-budgeted films went from being obscurities to major hits as a result of their "grass roots"-targeted campaigns.

It is Willy Gilly's intention to release "Collar" in June, as a result of their efforts. The producers believe that "Collar", an issue-based police drama that deals with the everyday horrors of street life, will find a significant market throughout the US and abroad.

Stay tuned for information on a premiere event near you...which will feature cast and select merchandise from the film!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

David Patrick Wilson presents filmmaking webinar

David Patrick Wilson of Willy Gilly Productions is offering a webinar series on independent film financing, development, production, marketing and merchandising.

The thirteen-part series will include an introduction, dealing with understanding the business, selecting content and assembling a bankable package.

The first session will be offered FREE of charge. Subsequent webisodes will encompass:

1) financing;
2) initiating pre-production;
3) crewing up
4) selecting equipment packages;
5) developing a cost-effective budget;
6) choosing your production team;
7) scheduling;
8) the pains of production;
9) the pitfalls of post-production.
10) choosing distribution partners;
11) merchandising opportunities and
12) fallacies, falsities and festivals.

Aspiring filmmakers can contact David at, or call the office at (845) 294-7500.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New York State pays off!

Willy Gilly Productions is happy to announce, at long last, after months of pursuing their hard-earned tax credits, the state of New York has made good on their promise to support film and TV production by refunding investors.

The really good news is, these credits and refunds are vital to the growth of this industry in this state -- especially for small independent film companies who rely on such subsidies to augment their cash-flow. Willy Gilly (who are working on six new productions in 2012, as well as launching their publishing company) is working diligently to create the opportunity for productions that meet specific qualifications by the state to monetize these credits once they are approved in advance of production. This would enable small independent producers to provide monetary support for packaging their films in New York state.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Here comes WG Publishing!

Willy Gilly Productions is proud to announce the launch its new publishing arm, WG Publishing!

WG Publishing will bring the works of four new authors to the public for the very first time, beginning with the novelization of the award-winning film Collar, written by Rob McLean and based on the screenplay of writer/director/star David Patrick Wilson.

The works range from novels to short stories to non-fiction, and will be presented in multiple formats as they are released.

The first books released will coincide with the opening of Collar, the movie, in early May, and will be followed closely by the works of three other new authors:

  • Melissa Mendelson, and her short-story compilation Glass Skies Over Home.
  • Dr Daniel Acuff, and his new book on relationships.
  •  And the new epic novel from Bill St. GeorgeCursed Fate.

These books will be made available in video form, read by the author; in audio form; as E-Books; and as traditional hard copies.

There will also be some great opportunities related to the release of the books and the upcoming premier of Collar, the movie, including giveaways, sweepstakes, trips, personalized merchandise and other products.

Stay tuned!