Monday, August 7, 2017

Hollywood Boogaloo Boo Hoo, boo!

At first, when you check the 'really fake news' at the link below, you might be alarmed to hear that the industry of Broadcast & Entertainment (B&E), which includes distribution is looking at a "down year." What a joke!
If you're looking at theatrical releases, you may see a slight contraction resulting in a 'miniscule' adjustment. You might conclude that I must be kidding! After all, a $1.6 billion loss sounds like a lot of money and, in fact, in the 'real world,' it is.
But, in the 'unreal world' of B&E, it isn't even a hiccup! This year, by most estimates, including all of the major analysts on 'the Street,' the B&E sector will pass $2.3 Trillion dollars in gross revenues, that "loss" equals .0007 percent! That's James Bond divided by 10! In other words, 'killer' numbers! RIGHT! 
We are talking a speck of FLY$#/+ on a side of beef! All that crap that they're pumping is about a set up for the top dogs (Wanda Corp. Owner, Wan Jianlin and his CEO at AMC) looking to make a stock grab from a sell-off resulting from the article. Let's talk about a REAL 'fake news' street fix. 
These corporate 'insiders' know that one bad season a major opportunity makes. They can pick up many millions in 'cab fare' by such a move. By 'cab fare,' we mean SEVERAL HUNDRED MILLIONS OF DOLLARS! Talk about 'Grand Larceny' and 'white collar' crime.  
They also know that the financial sector of which we are speaking has OUTPERFORMED EVERY OTHER FINANCIAL SECTOR ON WALL STREET OVER THE PAST 5 YEARS. IT HAS GROWN AN UNBELIEVABLE 140% OVER THAT PERIOD, according to WSJ data (Feb. 2017). The U.S. controls 3/4 of all that business (down from 80% a few short years ago.) 
Ever since Sen. Joe McCarthy was stupid enough to try and take down Hollywood on behalf of our First American Queen, J. Edgar Hoover, it has enjoyed a 'laissez faire' relationship with Washington. "Tinseltown" has always sworn to take care of its own. At least, that's the way it was while Jack Valenti was riding shotgun in D.C. I was here when Jimmy Carter closed up those big, fraudulent, multiple tax break 'loopholes' in 1978. 
Then again, it was pretty much a fledgling, All-American, cow town in those days. It was that way right up until Murdoch grabbed Fox, Sony snatched Columbia and Mitsubishi, (then Vivendi) rolled Universal. Lots of cash changing greasy little hands in those deals. 
Since then, all these 'ferrenners' have been taking over as much of American showbiz as the SEC will let them. We ought to take a closer "look see" at who is 'cutting up the pie' these days and exactly how they're doing it. We may need to get on that before B&E becomes the next 'major manufscturing industry in the U.S. to flee to foreign soil.
BTW: Have you noticed how many commercials are being shot in China these days?! They have turned that corner and are unabashed in their efforts to put the label, "Made in China" on a big chunk of American advertising product. Remember what happened in Detroit in the '60s when GM, Ford and Chrysler controlled 80% of the automobile market. That hum your hearing in Hollywood's background isn't a Honda... it's a Wanda! 😎§ion=Economy&keywords=hollywood-stock-collapse-movies&year=2017&month=08&date=04&id=805790&aliaspath=%2FFinance%2FArticle%2FFinance-ArticleTemplate&

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