Monday, May 8, 2017

Making The Moment Count


There is only one great experience in this life and that is feeling the full impact of any and every given moment.  We live, by-in-large, in the ardent pursuit of things that take us far afield from that which is occurring right where we are at this very second.

In Life, it may be possible to spend all of your time in anticipation of a desired result.  You may even find that to be somehow pleasurable. But, unless we are open to exactly what is happening each and every second of every day, we are missing thousands of opportunities to rejoice in all that is here to be experienced, right now!

We all have dreams and desires.  We all have wants and needs.  We all share the perception from time to time that they are what is important.  There is no doubt that our experience is shaped by those elements to some degree and that what keeps us on purpose, our commitments, are a large factor in determining the emotional outcome. Make no mistake, they have a tremendous bearing on them. They are, however, only peripheral to this and every subsequent moment, hereafter.

To be Present is Everything!  It is the difference between Life and Death, waking and sleeping, Being and existing.  It is truly the Gift that God has given us ALL, of which we must constantly be reminded. Without it, we miss the most glorious things in life.  Love, Joy, Peace, Prosperity, Abundance. These are not 'quantifiable,' or at least should not be because they can all be experienced in every moment, not like data, but as parts of 'a life of Quality.'. It is a choice ONLY if you are free enough to give yourself over to Living the Moment, regardless of Any circumstance, irrespective of the outcome.

What do you choose this day?  How will you experience all that life holds for you?  Can you truly say that you are thankful for each and every moment?  If you cannot own this simple idea, we suggest that you find an infant and watch them experience all that you have forgotten.  Perhaps then you will remember this moment.  Too late..... 😎

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